SPESIFIKASI City Car | Mobil Masa Depan di Indonesia

SPESIFIKASI City Car | Mobil Masa Depan di Indonesia

In the future such a tiny city car car believed to have ditched the car families such as the Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) and becoming one of the best-selling car model in Indonesia.

"There are many factors that will underlie this prediction from the fuel issue, the growing population of small families, so increasingly bad road conditions," explained Deputy General Manager of Marketing Brand I PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) John Saragih in the arena of IIMS 2010, JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

The first trend that developed at this time is the issue of fuel efficiency that was almost to the attention of all parties whether it be producer or consumer.

It is possible that in future advertisements would no longer prioritize car advanced features but more to show the efficiency problems that they could achieve.

While the second trend, according to John is a small family trend with the number of children who are not a lot.

"Judging from current and predicted demographic future, the possibility Indonesian families will be dominated by small family with little children. Life would be more individual, "he said.

While the third issue that will make the city car segment is the fact that demand is now increasingly jammed roads only.

Even many who predicted the streets within the complex it will be stalled when car sales growth is not accompanied by the addition of a long road.

"In those conditions, a small car that can be possessed-skid will be preferred. Moreover, car-park home or apartment will be more limited, "he added.

That's why John believes these small car segment will continue to evolve in the future. When a city car last year accounted for only about 3 percent of total national car sales, this year John expects to grow at rates of at least 5 percent.

"The parameters most easily seen is the increasing number of brands playing in this segment. That proves my eye with their eyes also think if the city car has a bright future in Indonesia," concluded John


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