Want to drive fast? really seriously fast? you’re spoilt for choice at present – at least in terms of the machinery available, if not the roads to do it on... There’s the 253mph Bugatti Veyron, the 250+mph Koenigsegg CCXR and the Bristol Fighter T with a claimed top speed potential of 270mph, but which will be restricted to 225mph.
There’s also the Hennessey Venom Viper with a claimed top speed of 255mph.

The world’s most powerful production car, ever.
Boasting a truly gargantuan 1,183bhp, the small, little-known Washington State-based company claims a top speed capability of 273mph. In tests earlier this year on a closed section of Nevada highway the SSC managed 230mph in the two miles available, but had the originally intended 12 mile site not been hit by snow, then the Veyron could well have been humbled.

There’s little that’s impressive inside as fit, finish and detailing falls far short of the current supercar norm.
On the plus side the Aero TT is easy enough to climb in and out of, the leather seats are supportive, it’s reasonably spacious with ample headroom and the driving position is fine apart from the front wheel arch intruding into the footwell,

Despite the Aero TT’s massive torque, moving away sedately from a standstill requires a delicate balance of clutch and throttle.
It’s eager either to launch like a dragster, or stall. Despite SSC’s brochure claiming the TT’s rack and pinion steering is assisted.
Manoeuvring at parking speeds required strong arms and a firm, two-handed grip on the wheel, but once rolling the SSC is easy enough to drive with a precise gearchange and direct, accurate steering, even by mid-engined supercar standards.

* Engine - mid-mounted, all-alloy 16-valve V8 twin turbo
* Displacement - 6,348 cc (387.2 cu in)
* Power - 1,183 bhp (1,199 PS) @ 6,950 rpm (7,200 rpm redline)
* Torque - 1,094 lb/ft (1,484 Nm) @ 6,150 rpm
* Transmission - 6-speed manual, rear wheel drive
* 0-60 mph - 2.78 secs
* Standing 1/4 mile - 9.9 secs @ 144mph
* 60-0mph - 31.4 metres (103 ft)
* Top speed - 273 mph
* Chassis - steel tube space frame
* Body - carbon fibre composite, flat undertray with venturi tunnels
* Cd - 0.357
* Brakes - 14 inch vented, cross-drilled discs, 8-piston* calipers (front), 6-piston* (rear), (*see text)
* Suspension - double wishbone (front); upper rocker arm, lower wishbone (rear), remote reservoir, adjustable Penske dampers, coil-over springs, anti-roll bar
* Wheels - forged, 3-piece alloy, 19 x 9.5” (front), 20 x 13” (rear)
* Tyres - Michelin Pilot Sport PS2, 235/35 19 (front), 335/30 20 (rear)


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