Radial engine

Radial engine is a modification of the internal combustion engine however it is different from a usual car engine.
The construction

A usual car engine has its cylinders lined up in two rows. And they are called inline engines. Every cylinder is attached to the crankshaft with its own attachment. The crankshaft is long and it is one of disadvantages of the inline engine. The crankshaft is long, and heavy, so it is harder to rotate it and gain RPMs.

The radial engine is constructed differently. Its cylinders are positioned around the crankshaft in a circle. They are placed just like the spokes on a wheel, and pointed away from the crankshaft. This way the crankshaft does not need to be long and heavy. The length of the crankshaft needs to be only of the width of the engine and it makes it very light weight. All the cylinders are attached to it with a master – and – articulating – rod assembly. This aggregate makes it possible for the cylinders to rotate the crankshaft.


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