New SUV, Lexus RX 350 in India - Specifications, Features and Prices

Lexus RX 350 - Reviews, Wallpapers and Details

Lexus RX 350
World famous brand, Lexus are going to introduce into the ever growing Indian automobile market, their most prestigious SUV model, Lexus RX 350. This new model Lexus RX 350, that belongs to the D+ segment will have to face a tough competition from the other world class models that are already existing there.

This new Lexus RX 350 features a 24-valve, four-cam, 3500cc V6 Diesel engine which will produce a Maximum Power of 270hp@6200rpm and also a Maximum torque of 251ft-lbs@4700rpm. This new SUV will provide a mileage of around 17 in the cities and around 22 in the highway. The efficiency of the RX engine is improved with dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i).

Some of the other notable features of this new five-speed automatic Electronically Controlled Transmission (ECT) SUV is that a Dynamic Laser Cruise Control in the car uses laser technology to help monitor and maintain a pre-set following distance between your vehicle and the one traveling just ahead. To help others see your vehicle during daylight hours, it comes equipped with automatic daytime running lights.

For greater visibility during precipitation, the driver and front-seat passenger have the advantage of windows made from water-repellent front-door glass. Rain-Sensing Wipers are a distinctive feature of the car. When this available feature's sensor detects the presence of rain on the windshield, the wiper blades are activated at the appropriate speed. A backup camera helps the driver's rear view visibility when traveling in reverse.

To help avoid accidents before they happen, the available Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) pivots the headlamps during turns to illuminate more of the road. For easier loading and unloading, the power rear door can be raised or lowered with the touch of a button. At speeds over 62 mph, the vehicle automatically lowers 0.3 inches, for increased control and superior aerodynamics. For even better handling during sport driving, you can select Low mode, which lowers the vehicle 0.6 inches.

Other features include a rear-seat entertainment system which includes a nine-inch LCD screen and wireless headphones, bluetooth technology, satellite radio, power moon roof etc. The luxurious features of the interior include dual-zone climate control as well as a wood- and leather-trimmed steering wheel and shift knob. Eight speakers and an in-dash, six-disc CD auto-changer are included with this standard audio system.

Price of this new SUV, Lexus RX 350 is expected to be around Rs 38 lakhs.

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