Infiniti Essence Concept, 2009

Infiniti Essence Concept, 2009

With breathtaking good looks and perfect proportions, Infiniti Essence Concept exerts a powerful pull on all those who love cars. It looks like a driver's car, one that would be right at home spearing down the world's grandest motoring routes.
But Infiniti Essence Concept is no aggressive sports car. Infiniti's "Dynamic Adeyaka" attitude ensures Essence is single-minded, but also inviting, sophisticated and born of inspiration from both the human and natural worlds. To further boost its emotional appeal, it features details that bring a very modern take to some very old Japanese traditions.

For a driver's car, the perfect driver's cabin. Essence's interior is minimalist, ergonomic and totally focused on the job in hand: to give the person behind the wheel a feeling of absolute control. And yet all this driver focus goes hand in hand with a passenger area dominated by comfort, calm and elegance to offer the kind of hospitality that is so important to the Japanese people, and also to Infiniti Essence Concept.

Infiniti Essence Concept's drivetrain is designed to meet the highest expectations of owners by delivering the one thing everyone expects of an Infiniti - sheer driving pleasure. In Infiniti Essence Concept that pleasure is taken to new heights, at the same time as previewing an innovative green hybrid engine.

Infiniti Essence Concept is unusual even in the rarefied atmosphere of the world's fastest road cars by being able to call on a mighty 600PS (592bhp). The power guarantees high performance responses on any road, in any situation. Infiniti Essence Concept is not, however, an intimidating sports racer. Like the design, the performance is designed to be sophisticated and unobtrusive - performance with a human touch.

On a global level, Infiniti is committed to building safer vehicles equipped with advanced safety technologies.
Infiniti Essence Concept previews some of the next-generation safety features that will ensure Infiniti cars remain among the safest on the road.
The Safety Shield adds two new technologies to the Distance Control Assist (DCA) and Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) systems that are available in today's production Infinitis. Side Collision Prevention (SCP) and Back-up Collision Prevention (BCP) extend the anti-collision shield all the way around the car.

The team behind Infiniti Essence Concept harked back to an early motoring era to find the right solution for carrying luggage. The result is as classy as luggage ever gets, surprisingly practical and dreamily romantic. It also re-establishes the historic ties between a carmaker and one of the best-known names in luxury goods - Louis Vuitton.

= Petrol Engine
o Config/No of cyls: V6
o Fuel type: Petrol
o Capacity: 3.7 l
o Power: 440 PS (434 bhp)

= Electric engine
o Type: laminated lithium-ion battery
o Battery layout: Lower trunk area
o Power: 160 PS (158 bhp)
o Torque: 500 Nm

= Performance
o Driven wheels: Rear-wheel drive
o Combined fuel economy: 8 l/100km (est)
o CO2 emission: 190g/km (est)

= Dimensions
o Number of seats: 2
o Overall Length: 4720 mm
o Overall Width: 1960 mm
o Overall Height: 1310 mm
o Wheelbase: 2800 mm
o Wheel size: 22"
o Front Overhang: 880 mm
o Rear Overhang: 1040 mm


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