James Bond car

LONDON - After several automotive manufacturers United States (U.S.), which announced the financial crisis, now a British company, Aston Martin, apparently also affected.

James Bond car maker is reportedly going to close some of its factories for two weeks at the beginning of next year. This akbiat high cost to pay the workers.

Sources of Aston Martin as the quotation from the British mass media, Thesun, company will close some plants in January 2009, but declined to comment that this closure will mean laying off its workers.

Step closure of a number of factories by the Aston Martin was similar to that done Honda. Japanese automotive company is reportedly also will close its factory in England for two months in the year 2009. Similarly, Jaguar / Land Rover (JLS).

JLS Chairman, David Smith warned the British government and the U.S. will be a termination of employment (FLE) in the automobile industry on a large scale due to global economic crisis. It is characterized by his company had to lay off 600 employees, while also plans to close its factory in Liverpool since Christmas until January 2009.


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