loop peugeot green car

Loop, is a concept car of Peugeot, by designer Abhinav Dapke, has been designed with a totally “green” mindset. The Loop takes sunlight as the secondary source of its power.

The roof of this concept car spreads along the entire body length, which is to maximize space for a solar panel to collect solar energy from the sun. The primary power source of this car is actually a rechargeable lithium battery located at the rear of the vehicle. The car is also said to be built with eco-friendly materials but the designer has not given any detailed information what materials are used.

A gangway feel is provided between the two rows of seats. And you’ll also find semi-circular bags along this gangway. Furthermore it comes with options for storage, interaction, entertainment etc, providing the users with greater flexibility and ease of use.

There is also space reserved for having your indoor plant there. Which lets you have more “green” feel, an intention that is to bring outdoor into the interior and gets you a good sense of natural surroundings.

The car is also to be equipped with a high-tech camera, embedded within the passenger windows, which is meant for the users to capture anything interesting that is seen on the road. Simply a touch on the window, the camera will start capturing those interesting scenes for you.


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