Tank Presidency

Later on 20 January, the president elect Barack Obama will formally appointed as president of the United States. All preparations have been made, including making a "tank" a new presidency.

Tank? Yes, the car is more feasible presidency called tank. Not only because it is designed bulletproof, antimissile, but also because of, according to the designer of the car, there is no "elegant" at all.

"Oh my god ... why Obama is not all just wearing Abrams," so that their comments had to see photos of the car. Abrams tank is a series of powerful United States used in the war in Iraq.

Cars presidency is a Cadillac limousine. Designed for comfort food at a time, because the door is only as thick as 8 inch (20 cm). "With such strength, shooting just will not enjoy break through," said a news agency.

The General Motors, the manufacturer of the Cadillac, ensuring that the model Limo Obama is the original model, not a development model that has been there before. "Cars are made with special specifications, the test has been through various extreme conditions, but in accordance with the principle beauty Cadillac cars," said Joanne Krell K, spokesperson for General Motors.

Of course not opened to the public what is distinctive car, for the security aspects. "What is certain, if the president is in, all the commotion of the world will vanish. He will be in total isolation in the box is a very protected," said Joe Funk, a retired Secret Agency experienced oversee President Bill Clinton.

Said Joe again, although "isolated in the box," but Obama will still be connected with the outside world because all the communication equipment available. How the Internet? There ..! Phone? Do not also asked ... surely available. "Only in a flash, he was able to contact any of the world," said Joe.

Although the car was quite large and heavy, but the engines are made so that the form of energy. The goal clearly is not simply a car that is environmentally friendly. Made energy efficient, because the Secret Department considers the situation worst. For example, should the president was far from the threat, the car still has enough fuel. Not funny, is not it, when the time to secure the president, the car must first drop in gasoline to pom, or Mr. Obama should come out of the car broke down a taxi ago?


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