2011 Renault Gordini Twingo in New Diesel Version

To meet the sales success of the Twingo and the Clio RS Gordini Gordini RS, Renault Twingo has decided to extend the Gordini supply catalog with the addition of the new Twingo Gordini (no “RS”) which will fit in the range of the GT version the Twingo. This shows signs of the desire to exist in this kind of brand name, and that Renault was not wrong to bet on Gordini (as many mistakenly thought).

TCe Twingo version with 100 hp engine and can be ordered from France, at a price that some of the € 14,800, and little by little, it will be offering to other markets (Spain included) Europeans. Gordini success demonstrated by more than 28,000 fans who have their page on Facebook, as well as over 115,000 downloads of its application for the iPhone. It is noteworthy that most of these fans are girls, and a large number of buyers (buyers, in this case) are female.


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