Ferrari 599 GTO 2011 Sport Car

Now available are the first pictures and information about the new Ferrari 599 GTO Berlinetta v12 extreme point to specific performance of a short orientation. Ferrari 599 GTO, in fact, the fastest road car the company ever. This is a special limited edition and exclusive real Ferrari tradition, is an entirely new concept but is inspired by a production car. Actually, Ferrari 599 GTO is based on the 599XX, advanced experimental track car, and can be considered almost a version of the road.

Ferrari 599 GTO is provided only 599 customers who are looking for maximum expression of high-performance driving. Ferrari 599 GTO benefits of direct technology transfer from the race and set fastest lap time at Fiorano in 1′24 “.

Fiorano lap only give an indication of the potential of this car. Equally important are the technical specifications – 670 hp at 1495 kg car weight / power ratio of just 2.23 kg / hp and provides 0-100 km / h acceleration time of just 3.35 “and a top speed of more than 335 km / h

Fundamental performance of GTO is the chassis development of innovative approaches, which for the first time on a production car, saw the integration of treatment is established to hear the response rate to close borders and sophisticated electronic controls. The result is almost total absence of oversteer and chassis really communicative.


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