MODIFIKASI Mercedes-Benz SLK 200K 2005

MODIFIKASI Mercedes-Benz SLK 200K 2005

AMG body kit version 2 was applied to the Mercedes SLK has multiple aliases is nothing special. Indeed become more ferocious appearance, but his character is not sharp roadster. Incidentally the owner of Mercedes-Benz SLK 200K 2005 who did not want to mention who he has a trick to strengthen the character or appearance of the sedan kupe so eye catching.

But, there are some very real changes. See the front, the designers MB gives a touch more aggressive, including the grille and lights. Who's the back, others are sticking to the stop sign lights (stop) as well as some parts that characterize the new SLK.

For machine specifications, it is clear there has been no Leakage. But, the editorial team brings technology autoevolution precise estimate between four or six cylinders. Energy, starting from 180 PS.

With the help of Eric from home modifications Autoversion, they redesigned the front bumper are added to the custom lips follow the original contour AMG bumper. Then, at the bottom of the grille, his lips curve fitted. Left and right side made more inward.

Interestingly, home modifications AMG SLK was already preparing the presence of this by giving a more powerful force. And it has been demonstrated by the SLK model before this, namely SLK AMG Black Series who have power 400 PS. even some sources say that the power out 470 PS.

To his side skirts also redesigned by adding a custom lips that still follow the curve AMG side skirts. At first sight, between the side skirts and lips like a fuse.

This is where the line is still a car that looks more ferocious and eye catching. However, the application of paint is selected only the important details. No lag, detail fin "Fin" in a custom hood made of fiberglass that was painted orange.

Also included on the wheel lip. Here's the four wheel Mercy DPE R05 wheels wearing Signature Edition 19x size (8.5 +10) inches above classified boards. It's just that orange color is not painted, but covered with stickers.

According to Eric, the concept of combining two contrasting colors on a rare car. "In fact, the concept of two tone on the tape recorder is currently endemic," says Eric.


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