Apparently his BMW through ATPM PT BMW Indonesia, want to pitch yourself in this premium SUV class. By relying on diesel engine 2000 cc, BMW X1 20d sDrive ready target young people who want to enjoy the sensation of driving a compact SUV. Through the X1, BMW is introducing its modern diesel engine is also able to meet desire whoever was behind the wheel of the SUV worth USD 688 million (off the road) this.

Low body
Sports shades are still somewhat visible through this ride. Body considered low when juxtaposed with other SUVs like the Nissan X-Trail or Honda CR-V and the Audi Q7. Sign in to did not like riding in SUVs, with a long engine hood, like riding a coupe.

In his cabin, modern nuances are still hovering, still impressive though simple without too many knick knacks. Button start / stop engine, then the second bench seat in front of electrical facilities and a special memory in the driver's seat, as well as individual air conditioning and audio facilities. Things like this used to belong to the BMW class cars.

Baseball wanted to linger staring at the contents of the cabin, just take a car with a maximum of 350 machines Nm/1.750-3.000 torsi this rpm. Indeed, the voice of common-rail diesel engine sounds quite smooth, although compared with the gasoline engine still lost silent.

But the pull, not kidding. Rely on such torque, stamped on the accelerator until then feel stuck? Her back seemed to be withdrawn so that the passenger seat would not stay away. And it goes on until the car is 6 speed Steptronic quickly dashed.
When tested, from rest to a speed of 100 km / h, the BMW X1 20d sDrive this, just need time in the range of 9 seconds. Obviously without the thick smoke like the exhaust of diesel engines of old. This tug of course not separated from the role of the snail aka turbo with a variable intake geometry.

Speeding was a goal when driving this rear-wheel-mounts. With sporty character figure of SUVs but, certainly make anyone who was behind the wheel to accelerate rapidly in various road conditions.

On winding roads, the stability of X1 may be relied upon, swing body not too much, certainly not the result of a tall figure, plus the suspension of support for speeding.

Unfortunately the great suspension for speeding but less comfortable on the road this ugly, because Slash feels somewhat hard. A consequence of the stability on the asphalt.

There is another thing that helps when speeding. When cornering, and when forced to brake suddenly seem to be helped by a facility Cornering Brake Control which ensure the car with Run Flat Tyres 17 inch size is no twist.

Now, stylish and taut with diesel ride? Baseball problem! Because it is a trend the world has led to large torsi machine environmentally friendly and fuel economy like this X1 BMW engine.


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