SPESIFIKASI KIA | POP | Mobil Listrik Unik

SPESIFIKASI KIA | POP | Mobil Listrik Unik

Automotive performance in French, Paris Motor Show, in October not to be missed by Kia for the concept car displays, POP. The published form of this still image and saving some detail the car manufacturers to make display in Paris, later.

South Korean car manufacturer claims that the POP is an electric car with unique design. This is mainly on the interior designed in the composition of three seats and the front can be rotated to provide a larger space when the passenger was about to go backwards.

Although the Paris Motor Show will be held approximately one month longer, but Kia seems to not want to wait too long to show off the beautiful design of Pop Kia. Pop Overall this is indeed revolutionary. Start body shape that resembles a triangle-shaped capsule with a window through which a similar wheel design shirt button, everything is all futuristic. Moreover, with silver color cast!

According to Kia, this concept car is designed to accommodate three people and certainly will use electric propulsion. So far, Kia did not mention the full specifications of the electric motor is used but considering the concept which led to the city car could be the speed is not the main goal. Interestingly, the roof of the car is entirely made of glass! Imagine how hot if we must drive on the streets of cities in tropical areas like Indonesia.

For dimensions, POP 10 inches longer than the Smart Fortwo and not until three meters high. Talk categories, there is no certainty whether the POP will be the city car.


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