SPESIFIKASI New Nissan Elgrand | Dipasarkan Kuartal Pertama 2011

SPESIFIKASI New Nissan Elgrand | Dipasarkan Kuartal Pertama 2011

Principal Nissan Japan multi-vehicle market premium, New Elgrand, for the domestic market. For Nissanmania in Indonesia, baseball need to envy or to wonder, this car-baseball entry into Indonesia

PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) breathes fresh news that the All-New Nissan Elgrand will enliven the Indonesian market in the first quarter of 2011.

"All-New Nissan Elgrand shall we marketed in Indonesia is the type of top-grade New Elgrand Highway Star Premium directly imported in the form of intact, CBU from Japan. We are grateful, thanks to a special facility provided by IJEPA (Indonesia Japan Economic Partnership Agreement) to ATPM (sole agent), now the Indonesian people can enjoy New Elgrand prices more competitive, "said Takayuki Kimura, President of NMI, the release received Kompas.com, Wednesday (08/04/2010).

For Nissan, Indonesia is an important market. As a commitment to this growing market, Nissan will market the complete line-up, ranging from compact hatchbacks March until Infiniti premium brand, including premium New Nissan Elgrand MPV.

New Elgrand reputation no doubt because his appearance is very luxurious, very comfortable ride, with multi-functional interior with a unique high quality. Not only that, but also an efficient fuel consumption, has a dynamic performance, and has been certified SU-LEV (super ultra-low emission vehicle) with reduced exhaust emission standards of 75 percent from 2005. This car is a car that is environmentally friendly.

"Nissan Elgrand will we market is the highest class and imported (CBU) from Japan. Thanks to the Indonesia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (IJEPA), the Indonesian people to obtain Elgrand with competitive prices," said Takayuki Kimura, President of NMI, in Cassis Restaurant, Jakarta.

Elgrand priced around USD 900 million. Means the USD 200 million cheaper than the Toyota Alphard 3.5 V, USD 1.112 billion.

"Based on IJEPA, from 2011, car manufacturers in Indonesia have decreased import tariffs from 45 percent to 4 percent for the entire premises of luxury cars above 3,000 cc engine from Japan," said Teddy Irawan, Vice President of Sales and Director of National Promotion NMI. Even in 2012, import duty will be 0 percent, "he said.

Only Navigation

Nissan Elgrand Highway Star Premium marketed in Indonesia still equipped with abundant features. "Leisure will not be reduced. Indonesian Consumers still get all the best equipment. Only a few equipment adapted to the conditions here," said Teddy.

One is the navigation system. "Navigational system used in Japan is much more sophisticated and can not be used in Indonesia. Completeness this is not currently in Elgrand that we market in Indonesia," he added.

Machines used Elgrand is also adapted to the conditions of the country. Although still using the VQ35DE, V6 3.5 L, but the ECU was reset for the map-can memimum fuel in the country.

Nissan's target to sell 50 units Elgrand every month or 500 units a year. "There is now a message," Teddy said, without mentioning the amount.

New Nissan Elgrand that will go to Indonesia is a Highway Star Premium for seven passengers, with a capacity of 3.5-liter VQ35DE engine.

Xtronic CVT-M6 transmission that has been updated to improve fuel efficiency significantly, and make New Elgrand more powerful. Adaptive shift control system it also supports the optimization performance when driving and uniting extraordinary driving comfort with the use of fuel-efficient.

So, if you intend to purchase vehicles, may wait for this Elgrand.


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