SPESIFIKASI Suzuki KizashI | Akan meluncur di indonesia

SPESIFIKASI Suzuki KizashI | Akan meluncur di indonesia

Suzuki Kizashi sedan market soon greeted homeland. Sales Indomobil Suzuki brand holders also currently weigh weigh-in order to competitively priced.

though not yet to say when it will start to market, but Marketing Director of PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales, Endro Nugroho confirm certainty Kizashi will be marketed in Indonesia.

A long wait, because the presence of medium sedan from Suzuki has been busy since the year 2009 discussed earlier, even the carpet Indonesia International Motor Show this sedan even go on display.

"We still weigh-weigh the price, so competitive with its competitors, will be invited to why if it's already ready to launch," said Endro, open the sidelines with Suzuki in the Suzuki dealership in Pondok Indah, Jakarta, Friday (13/08/2010)

A source in SIM explained, Kizashi will be Suzuki's one weapon in Indonesia in 2010. According to the source, Kizashi will be launched simultaneously with the IIMS in July. In fact Kizashi II prototype already mejeng at IIMS 2008 at the JCC.

In Japan, car products bearing the letter "S" has a chassis platform 4650 mm or 165 mm shorter than the Camry, but the longer the wheel axis to compensate for a larger interior.

Still in their home country, carrying Kizashi 2300 cc engine, 3600 cc, to 2,000 turbodiesel. Wheel drive system rests on the front (front wheel drive), but for some types provided that all-wheel drive (AWD).

Kizashi Suzuki manufactured at a new factory in his home country, Japan, and introduced to the market earlier this year. Other variants, like the hatchback and station wagon, will begin to enter the European market after the launch of the sedan. As for the American market had already been sold years ago.

With the entry in the segment Kizashi mid-size sedan, will compete with older players, such as the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, and Nissan Teana.

Currently Suzuki still see the value of the rupiah against the yen, the yen exchange rate also continued to strengthen against the dollar, which would affect the selling price later.

Suzuki's flagship sedan has been the medium is really very tempting, especially with the addition of bodi which makes it even more muscular.

Application of large grille, body side sill extensions, chrome lower side molding, trunk mounted spoiler, and a rim 18 inches makes it looks very sporty and exotic.

So also is felt when you sat behind the steering wheel that has been styled racing, also a sitting position due to the racing seat, including the shift knob.

Kizashi pinned-capacity 2.4-liter engine, DOHC four-cylinder. Machines are also used on the Grand Vitara is storing energy for 185 dk.


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