MODIFIKASI Rolls-Royce Ghost

MODIFIKASI Rolls-Royce Ghost

What is missing from the Rolls-Royce Ghost? Glamorous, gorgeous display and full features. But for extreme modifier from Germany, Mansory it was not enough.

Mansory displays the results of any modifications to the Rolls-Royce Ghost white screen there are only three units only.

Mansory body kit smoothed again the ghost, the LED lights under the headlights and on the glass and an exit access to the twin exhaust pipes.

Rolls-Royce made for individualization, who freely choose what components will be embedded into the car.

This is a unique one created by Phantom inspired by Shaheen (hawk who is very famous for its strength and agility, which is used in the Middle East region to accompany men on their hunting trip) and then the other one is inspired by Baynounah (one place historic sites in the western city of Abu Dhabi).

The model is inspired by Shaheen use Marquise white exterior color, along with the line that makes it even more luxurious interior and leather materials seashell.

All elements feature uses an eagle motif, using the brass material for an eagle-shaped logo, and embroidered eagle on the interior.

Others with Baynounah, for exterior use and interior paint Milano beige leather-clad, with the RR logo on the front & rear headrests, seat, seam, pockets in the doors, steering wheels.

Not only the looks alone, Ghost machine even improved.

If Ghost has the power standard 570 PS (420 kW), the Ghost Mansory versy now increased to 638 PS (469 kW) at 5700 RPM.

Torque also increased from 780 Nm to 860 Nm. Create a new Ghost engine performance luxury super car weighing 2.3 tonnes was accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 4.5 seconds, 0.4 seconds faster than the standard variant.

Increases the maximum speed could be 290 km per hour than before only 250 km per hour.

Into the interior, high-quality leather and the headliner and dash board decorated artificial Ghost Alcantara.

Sporty steering wheel also provides a special atmosphere. The price is estimated at £ 101 000.


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