China carmaker Geely will present the family car or MPV variant in the years ahead. Geely to make sure cars are cheaper than a million people of Toyota Avanza.

Placement of low prices of course taken Geely to its MPV's MPV market is more competitive in the homeland. Geely own new MPV will be releasing it early in 2011.

"The price will be below the price of the Toyota Avanza, in order to be competitive, the early launch in 2011," said President Director of PT Indonesia A. Geely Cars Budi Pramono the sidelines of a media test drive of the Geely MK in the Bandung, Thursday (08/05/2010).

Although the claim is still under development, but Geely Car PT Indonesia (GMI) 515 GV ensure Geely MPV will be launched in the country later this year.

Thus disclosed GMI President Director Budi Pramod while talking with Legal. According to him, currently the GMI is still waiting for the production of the GV 515 that use the right wheel. "Because in China alone is currently still use the steering wheel left," he said.

The process of change from the wheel left to right it said he had spent approximately 6-8 months. "If the process of changing from left to right is not long, but once altered it also needs a process of testing," he said.

The process of testing, he said, among others, the road test phase, the synchronization between the position of pedals, levers transmission with steering wheel that is now changing its position to the right, and also how will motorists will be familiar with a bunch of these positions.

That's why, said Budi, if in the near future in their home countries GV 515 will begin production using the steering wheel right, then no longer Affairs Panda MPV was ready to go in Indonesia. "Probably around the end of this year was," he said.

As a newcomer, Geely did not want to peg the price too expensive. "If we put a high price later on baseball even get anything, let alone the new MPV," said Budi.

MPV variant that will be sold Geely named Englon SV5. This new own car face had displayed beautifully in Beijing Auto Show last April.

Englon SV5 itself is a 7 seater MPV which carry two options ie, 1299 cc engine and 1498 cc. With his performance, look no less Englon SV5 with parbikan Japanese have long dominated this class.

"The door is a sliding passenger door, we ask that it be made so the electric sliding door, and they agreed, so this car will be more modern but with a more affordable price of the bag," said one owner of Geely dealers in Indonesia who were in Beijing Auto Show.

Toyota Avanza variants priced lowest price is Rp 130 million on the road of Jakarta. Can Geely MPV his Price below Rp 100 million? Next year he replied.


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