SPESIFIKASI Delica D5 dan Outlander | Masuk 2011

SPESIFIKASI Delica D5 dan Outlander | Masuk 2011
Delica D5


When Mitsubishi Delica D5 and Outlander ASX mejeng in IIMS 2010, had asked when it will be marketed in Indonesia? Marketing Director of PT Krama Yudha three Berlian Motors (KTB) Rizwan Alamsjah not provide certain word, the answer time in the exhibition, "We still want to see the market first."

On a test drive event which took place in paving ground Bridgestone in Karawang, Wednesday (08.04.2010) this gives a signal KTB plans to market both products next year. "We wants as soon as possible, but most likely new second semester," said Rizwan in Donegal, today.

Currently, Delica D5 brought into Indonesia as a whole (CBU) from Japan. The unit is coming and being prepared affairs administration. Delica comes from the delivery car in the country of origin is known as a car delivery people and goods.

In Japan, Delica 2.400cc equipped gasoline engine capacity, four-cylinder DOHC 16 valves. There are two options wheel drive system, namely the motion of two wheels (2WD) and four-wheel motion (AWD). However, for Indonesia presented a 4WD model. On price, type dibanderol 2WD 29,800 U.S. dollars (USD 272.6 million) and 4WD 31,800 U.S. dollars (USD 290.9 million) per unit.

"Even if later marketed, this car will compete with the (Toyota), Alphard, with advantages in addition to okay on the highway, but also can create off road. Certainly, targeting the premium segment," said Rizwan.

Mitsubishi Delica D5 was also selected as a supporter of the major car Pajero car in the event the Paris Dakar Rally. Toughness and durability 7-passenger MPV is already evidenced by the wild track auto racing track in the world's toughest.

According to Rizwan, today it is negotiating with the principals to bring the two models. Most likely the unit will be imported in full or completely built up (CBU) from Japan.

Attendance Delica and Outlander in IIMS, continued Rizwan, received a positive response from visitors. "At least three direct visitors came to me and want to pay the Outlander, but we can not sell," he commented.

About the price, a unit of around Rp 300 Outlander's millions. While Delica D5 welcome to enter more than that exhibited 4x2 type (type 4x4).

"If the price of 4x4 Delica be approximately USD 700 million-an, but if the 4x2 could be USD 600 million down the per unit. All is still considered uncertain," Rizwan beber.

ASX Outlander Sport is equipped with the latest crossover engine 2.0 L DOHC 16 Valve MIVEC inline. 6-speed automatic transmission with wheel drive system, electronically controlled with three configurations, ie, 2WD, the 4WD Auto, and the 4WD Lock.

Delica D5 engine while holding 2.4 L 16-valve DOHC MIVEC with INVECS-III CVT transmission 6-speed. Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) is also equipped with paddle shifters and the 4WD system with three options for the same acceleration as in the Outlander.


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