SPESIFIKASI Lancia Stratos | Hidup Kembali

SPESIFIKASI Lancia Stratos | Hidup Kembali

One of the Italian car manufacturer, Lancia had legendary names in the arena of the world rally championship in the 1970s. At the time, they triumphed with his mainstay weapons Lancia Stratos by - among others - one of the famous Finnish pereli Pentti Airikkala.

Today (Wednesday, 08/04/2010), detective work photographer who snapped off a new Lancia Stratos again undergo tests in Fiat Group's Balocco test track a group Fiat. Shape, although a modern reinterpretation, but an icon and a car rally that has great performance, still radiates from the model.

As quoted autoblog, on Wednesday (18/07/2010) resurrection Stratos is the initiation of Michael Stoschek personal project, a successful businessman who heads the fifth largest supplier of automotive components in Germany.

In terms of appearance, New Stratos is designed to actually be a prototype of Lancia Startos. While overall color is black carbon whitewash, not like the legend of the red and white dominated Marlboro.

New Stratos based off of the Ferrari F430 and its body is made entirely of carbon fiber, allowing the power-to-weight ratio of less than five pounds per dk and 50:50 weight distribution.

However, it is not known whether this car is really only going to produce one unit only, or at least a limited edition with a small production, it looks like it will depend on the demand and production cost.

Now the latest news mentions the Sultan has one unit of Lancia Stratos on one aircraft hangar where he usually parked his personal collection.

The appearance of a sports car that was popular in the 1970s to the 1980s was revealed after a photograph spyshoot results displayed by some western media.

Unfortunately until now no official statement that called the Sultan was as a car owner who is already planning to go back on production

As the use of a sturdy rear wing, then a special form of glass surfaces, is also equipped with features such as ultra-modern LED technology. Stratos prototype was actually already been introduced in 2005 at the exhibition in Italy.

According to a source, these new Stratos project was a European game of an industrialist who wanted to turn it back. With arrested are being tested it is not impossible to be manufactured using carbon fiber material for the body.

What makes the Stratos so famous? It was designed by Bertone specifically to follow the world rally championship in the 1970s. Name famous Lancia continue in the arena rally with the next generation, ie, Lancia Delta Integrale and the 1980s era of them driven by Markku Alen and Juha Kankkunen of Finland.


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