MODIFIKASI Honda Jazz 2009 | Car Cinema dalam Kabin

MODIFIKASI Honda Jazz 2009 | Car Cinema dalam Kabin

The desire to satisfy the passion for entertainment, especially entertainment in the car seemed to not only be applied at the cabin space of cars like the Toyota Alphard example.

You see, something unique done by Hendra Gunawan from Palembang. He made clear the cabin Honda Jazz Toyota Alphard area not to be a movie. Wow!

Yes, it's really done by Hendra, the results are quite satisfactory, since nearly half of gay cabin Honda Jazz it uses to satisfy his desire for those movies.

First, he made a bulkhead between the front and rear cabin. bulkhead walls are coated with an elegant black leather which will serve as a place to put a 35-inch LCD TV as the center entertaiment.

All around, Hendra Blitz Megaplex imagine a lounge that apparently did not exist in Kilkenny, with a mini-bar and 8-inch LCD TV as much as six pieces, each with three pieces in the right and left.

Then, as a cushion to watch, thick foamy carpet provided for added comfort while enjoying the latest movies just out of the cabin of his Honda Jazz.

However, there are clumsy when coming into the front cabin.
By the way, the Honda Jazz is not so safe when driving, because how do I look back when his cabin just partitioned?

"Relax, I prepare the camera to look backwards, as a replacement rearview mirror," he said.

Hendra working on it for three weeks with a total cost of Rp 95 million, which would have issued him with a satisfactory result, which won the Best Interior Cabin in the carpet Clas Mild Accelera Auto Contest 2010 Palembang.

"This is a Car Cinema in an exclusive cabin, in Palembang not exist yet, why do not I make it inside the car," he said when talking with detikOto, in Palembang Square, Palembang, last weekend.

Besides, Hendra added, there is rarely made as a small MPV like the Honda Jazz entertainment center hers, who can even play Playstation also


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