Refinement of style, safety and comfort, is precisely intended for SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle) is modern. Various body and interior upgrades to the latest model version of refreshment (2010) were nearly perfect. However, it does not mean stop there. Variety of accessories that circulate All New CR-V is able to groom. Especially for you who always does not want to miss. "

New Honda All New CR-V comes in two variants of engine choices. Ie, 2.0 SOHC i-VTEC and 4.2 i-VTEC DOHC. Last variant has more standard features and accessories complete. However, baseball need to worry if they want to boost the appearance and variety of features.

"Most of Thailand," said Sachin Punjabi, master accessory in numbers Driver's Corner Radio Dalam, Jaksel. Start the device body to mat cabins available.

So also in the sectors of the legs, are available options as well as replicas of the original rims. the spec was already adjusted. "For the CR-V is more worthy of an elegant model," said Arie Yuwono, commander Performance rim shop on Jl. Haji Nawi Raya, Jaksel.

So also the option to offer an interior coating material. "We provide the best material," said Dian from Murano Boutique, Jaksel. Here are some guidelines that can be used as a reference you in maximizing the performance of All New CR-V.

Especially for the 2.0L version that has not been wearing layers of genuine leather, seat maker has several options to provide replacement materials. As a reference, Murano Boutique offers a choice of synthetic materials and skin color. For ordinary materials is subject to Rp 1.7 million and materials worth Murano Plus USD 3 million.

Package valid for two rows of seats and door trims with a choice of colors and patterns stitches free standard reference. Meanwhile, in another workshop offers genuine leather with a tag of Danillo Schweizer or USD 6.5 million
Bodi Accessories
Sweeteners other body have chrome door handles for Rp 375 thousand per set, door Visor which is also sold at Rp 375 thousand, an antenna made from carbon-labeled Rp 350 thousand, and bearing the red H emblem for front and rear body which valued USD 900 thousand per set.

Stern / AUDIO
Version 2.4 has a touch screen head unit model with 6.1-inch monitor. Facilities can play DVD, WMA/MP3 USB connection with the application and qualified speakers. Similar features can be found on aftermarket products. As an estimate, it costs USD 9.140 million. With additional features iPod connectivity, and navigation as well as 6.5-inch speakers 2-way coaxial model. The boot sector could contain two 12-inch subwoofer with the order of two power amplifiers. Some audio stores offer package start from U.S. $ 7.5 million, not including installation.

Exterior / Bodi
For the body kit, this latest devirated different on the stand. So for the body kit old model, not necessarily applicable. Products in 2010, could refer to the type of tuner Modulo Urban Package, which provides a package body. Starting front and rear bumper, side skirts and spoiler aft. The device is made from polycarbonate cost Rp 7.5 million already included the installation and painting of the standard color. For the roof spoiler, it just charged USD 900 thousand, available models Mugen and Modulo.
Cabin Accessories
Accessories can be found in the cabin carpet embroidered basic writings of 'CR-V' with a price of Rp 950 thousand per set. There are also door-sill plates worth of Rp 475 thousand per set, similar devices can be obtained with additional lights priced USD 900 thousand. Other accessories are labeled Mugen pedal set USD 800 thousand and the distinctive red Honda emblem for steering wheel sold USD 200 thousand.

All New CR-V has a spec rims PCD 5 / 114, 3. To replace the wheel dimensions without any changes, note the offset in the range of 45 mm or 40 mm, rim width is recommended no more than 9 inches. Example usage 19x7 rims, 5-inch, alloy fitting tires are 245/45/R19.

If you want to try a rim 20x8, 5 inches, its 50 mm offset with tires size 265/45/R20. The recommendation is a maximum of 22x9-inch diameter tires 265/45/R22 or 255/35/R20. Estimated market value starting from USD 20 million includes a rim and tire replica of a local brand.


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