SPESIFIKASI Citroen 2CV | Generasi iPod

SPESIFIKASI Citroen 2CV | Generasi iPod

Citroen plans to expand the reach and appeal of its customers by launching a new family car models for the 'iPod generation'.

This model will be a product as well as four of the Citroen family car that will coexist with the Citroen DS Citroen Picasso MPV.

Head of Design of PSA Peugeot-Citroën Jean-Pierre Ploué, as reported by Autocar, Thursday (07/22/2010) says this car for those who appreciate design purity above all, for the iPod generation.

"This is a model that is defined not by the price, but with simplicity and ingenuity of design, "said Ploué.

According to information on the car that will use hybrid engines will be introduced at the Paris Motor Show in October. The presence model 2CV concept this year is a dedicated special appearance Citroen. How not, this year is a celebration of 60 years made her international debut.  

2CV model itself first produced in 1948. In 1990 Citroen cut production. Since vulnerable time, Citroen has produced as many as 3,872,583 units 1,246,306 units plus a small truck variants.

Italian designer Paolo Martin is the brains behind the design development 2CV. According 2CV appear with classic design and combined with modern technology. This is to remind people of the value of this classic car that has been long known. Martin himself describes this car as a "re-interpretation of a brilliant car."

"I tried to capture the spirit of the original impression and this car. Authenticity proportions are still maintained and adopt a single, multifunctional headleamp," said Martin. In 1936, Cirtoen start making a prototype 2 CV which only use one main light in front.

And mat the Paris Motor Show will be the first place car appearance This family of Citroen, which promised to give Ploue surprises on the visitors.

"I can not reveal his name today. But this model will lead to many surprises and shocks in Paris, I promise," he said.

2CV coded car comes with a compact family car 2.4 m long with a cabin design that is not conventional, as well as innovative features and simplified packaging, so it is more realistic for mass produced.


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