After presenting the New Kia Pride hatchback, PT KIA Mobil Indonesia launched a New KIA Pride sedan, along with the opening scene Indonesia International Auto Show in 2010.

This lineup MCH supplementary secondary segmented, with the addition of the buttocks, New KIA Pride sedan is no different from the version hatchback. The difference is only in the interior color only.

"We want to complete the lineup of KIA Pride, in order to satisfy consumers as more and more choices," said Marketing Director of PT KIA Mobil Indonesia, Hartanto Sukmono, at the launch event in New Pride sedan in IIMS, the JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

"A number of new products, brandnya also been strong in the minds of consumers. While Kia is still not that strong. The technology and features may not lose, but the brand and the service is still not as strong as the others, "he asserted.

Edward opinion Sentosa three-quarter money. Analysts in an investment management company with offices in Indonesia Stock Exchange Building was called, now the Kia Pride hatchback should be more focus on targeting new customers who first bought the car.

"Target market is more suitable for the entry level. Thus, the price must be right because this is very sensisitif. If you see the look and features, Kia Pride hatchback is more fitting for people who want to buy a hatchback but financially limited, "said the man who claimed to reside in Kelapa Gading it.

Hunchback car KIA Pride launched at the mat IIMS on Friday (23 / 7) and then with the official starting price of USD 145 million. Outside view, especially the front of the Kia Pride is more sporty and dynamic as a redesigned grille and bumper.

So even with the fog lights and reflector headlights. This car bearing the 1400 cc DOHC CVVT engine. Kia offers two types of transmissions, five-speed manual and four-speed automatic.

Besides having a more stern panjnag used as luggage, Kia Pride sedan is similar compared hatchbacknya type.

The machine is also still using the 1400-capacity cylinder DOHC 16-valve capable of producing power torque 94 PS at 6,000 rpm, with torque of 12.7 kgm at 4700 rpm.

However, marketing communications manager for KMI Ridjal Mulyadi said interior more luxurious Pride sedan comes with certain ornaments which makes it different than the Pride hatchback.

Comes with five color choices, ie, clear white, clear silver, tropical red, titanium silver, and midnight black, Kia Pride sedan with a price of Rp152 released KMI, 5 million on the road in Jakarta with only one option that is manual transmission.

While last month's release KMI Kia Pride hatchback with Rp145 million price tag for the type of manual transmission, and Rp158 million for the automatic.

Target could sell as many as 100 units per month, optimistic KIA sedan version of the New Pride who attended only one variant of the automatic transmission can be received as version hatchback market.

PT KIA Mobil Indonesia also offers a competitive fixed price for the sedan class, namely priced worth Rp 152.5 million on the road of Jakarta.


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