SPESIFIKASI Hyundai Tucson.

SPESIFIKASI Hyundai Tucson.

After a long-awaited day, and had silenced since early this year 2010, finally PT Hyundai Mobil Indonesia presents its latest compact SUV, New Hyundai Tucson.

In Europe, his name is ix-35. present with an aggressive design, with typical
performance as an SUV that was born with a stylish sports coupe design with a premium taste.

"The presence of New Tucson this as a form of one of the innovations of PT Hyundai Mobil Indonesia, which according to Hyundai's global strategy," said President Director of PT Hyundai Mobil Indonesia, Jongkie D Sugiarto, at the launch of the New Hyundai Tucson, in the arena of IIMS, Kemayoran Jakarta.

Earlier, Vice President Marketing, Sales & After Sales PT HMI Erwin Djajadiputra says, PT HMI will provide price shocks in the carpet Indonesia International Motor Show 2010 on July 23 to August 2 next. Surprises included the price of the brand-new Tucson.

However, Erwin did not mention that time is the price scale. "Just wait, this car would be a surprise, 'he said.

Tucson new iX35 was produced using ix-onic Hyundai concept shown at Geneva Motor Show 2009 mat. Radiated sporty impression is very strong when we observe the hexagonal shaped grill. Especially in the legs using size 18 inch alloy wheels.

From uukuran side, the new Tucson is longer than its predecessor. Wheelbase is longer eg 10 millimeters (mm). Length 4410 mm and 1820 mm width is also 85 mm longer and 20 mm wider than previous models.

While the height (ground clearance) 20mm shorter car. But it did not affect the discretion of the cabin.

Hyundai Tucson ix35 bearing 2,000 cc engine new Theta II. Hyundai offered it in two types of petrol and diesel engine options. Power gasoline engine capable of spraying up to 166 horsepower. whereas diesel engine-powered 184 horsepower.

Hyundai Tucson or from the manufacturer Affairs ix35 ginseng was equipped 2.0-liter Theta II engine which has undergone refresher. with some changes made in the kitchen system spur, Tucson was able to drain the power of 166 hp.

New Hyundai Tucson will show its performance with a stock engine with a capacity of 2.0-liter Theta II, powered 166 PS, which is also supported six-speed automatic transmission shiftronic.

Inside the cabin, integrated audio on ceterfascia, and the manual water
conditioner with a 4-speed fan, plus a one-touch triple-turn signal, creating a futuristic feel of its own for New Tucson.

Therefore, the optimistic, PT Hyundai Mobil Indonesia sales target of 300 units in New Tucson this year, with 100 units have been reserved.

Another interesting offering from New Tucson, namely the price tag of a so seductive, that is worth USD 285 million on the road. Very competitive class.


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