SPESIFIKASI Daihatsu F-Concept | Mobil Murah

SPESIFIKASI Daihatsu F-Concept | Mobil Murah

Concept car from the M-Concept Daihatsu is the origin of Indonesian low-cost car. And it turns out this little car designer was apparently also an Indonesian.

Cute car display children's work is the result of the nation and are designed directly by one of Indonesian designers.

This was revealed by the said Head Domestic Marketing Division of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor Elvina IIMS Afni arena, Kemayoran, Jakarta (23/07/2010).

This car is not only capable of reaching the street but also a narrow alley that is widely available in big cities like Jakarta. That can be done thanks to the tiny dimensions of only 2925 mm in length, width 12.95 mm, and height 1690 mm.

F-Concept made for two passengers only, because in the back devoted to the goods. But the car can be modified in such a way for various purposes. In a release, Daihatsu car exemplifies this in the form of cargo (box), type soft top (the back is closed tarpaulins), and the rugged type (pickup).

In the engine, M-Concept 660 cc engine 3-cylinder inline OHC. ease explore the narrow streets is supported with a radius of 3.6 meters and the use of rotary size 155/70 R13 tires. Still looks pretty good.

Masanori Mitsui, Executive Vice President Daihatsu Motor Corp said when greeting people is high enough, it would consider to be producing these cars. The same was thrown Sudirman MR, Wapresdir PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM). "With the appearance and ability, this car could answer the needs of the community multi-purpose vehicle," he said.

How details of this car? Tempo will be a special review at other papers. Daihatsu booth located in Hall A2, with a total area of 696 square meters also display car concept e: S, future vehicle been exhibited in Japan. This vehicle uses the raw material ultra high tensile steel with a weight of 700 kg, and low CO2 emissions.

"This is not instead of Japanese design, but design our own people," said Elvina.

Designers are by Elvina first study the characteristics and desires of the Indonesian market before creating such a tiny car design.

"Why is Indonesia that designs directly? Because the Indonesian people who know exactly what the community wants Indonesia," he concluded.

F-dimensional concept itself carries 2.925X1.295X1690 mm (PXLXT) with 1840 mm wheelbase with seating capacity for only two people.

Meanwhile, for the kitchen spur, Daihatsu give 660 cc engine with three
cylinder inline OHC to be applied to the M-Concept.

However, if viewed at a glance, a car that would become the forerunner of cheap cars in Indonesia in the reality is somewhat similar-similar to levels in Indonesia mobnas


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