PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales did not launch a variant of their best-selling MPV, APV. However, in booth Indonesia International Motor Show, Suzuki, Suzuki APV beautifully framed.

Lettering on the plate number of New APV Arena. When most car manufacturers white wash his new car with white, Suzuki had precisely the mainstay of other colors, ie blue.

The most obvious external changes have on the already grill more elegant as well as sporty, as well as air circulation at the bottom of nuanced chrome bumper.

While the stern, though not many changes, but some like the new look on the bumper and the addition of a new exhaust to make it looks more fresh.

Entry into the cabin, you'll be treated to a sporty and dynamic feel of the cabin space is dominated by blue color, the skin layer jok, as well as door trim.

The entire body is wrapped in white paint APV crystal, it is interesting attention .let alone looked to the inside, especially the passenger space has been demolished completely. Seeing the design and interior configuration, APV Arena is no longer referred to as a family vehicle. Because seating is available only four: two in front and two behind.

"The concept is a luxury vehicle. Suitable to serve business partners, "said Edwin, the designer who participated monitor consumer interest towards creations at booth Suzuki. Hence, the cost of modifying the APV is big enough and he said out of about USD 120 million. Therefore, if sold, the price of this APV could reach USD 250 million!

Mini Alphard

APV appearance is, at first glance like a Toyota Alphard, so called Mini Alphard. For that, Edwin must replace the bumper and use the spoiler with a model of "Dower". Also there are additional side skirt on both side of the body.

Another significant change is the rear fender or sepatbor and fourth. Size fourth fatter fenders. The goal, in addition to providing an exclusive appearance, for 20-inch tire and rim can be installed properly and make the vehicle able to walk with a normal condition.

Even so, it turns out fender fat resulted in both the front door would not open normally. Angle open doors shrink and cause the driver or front passenger's rather difficult to get into the cockpit. But the system is open both side doors replaced a sliding model, a unique change,

Interior designed by Edwin on APV interesting. In the space available passengers only two seats with individual design, and equipped with adjustable arm rest. Boundary space between the cockpit and rear passengers, used to put on top of the minibar and put 20-inch LCD monitor. "I equip cars with surround sound systems. Thus owners and passengers can enjoy the spectacle while traveling, "said Edwin.

Although not using genuine leather, seats and interior trim are coated with MB Tech ivory products, thus giving the impression of luxury and exclusivity. APV Be this as the original luxury minivan, which is really born from the Earth Indonesia, ranging from unit to design and creativity for modification.

Fun anymore, New APV Arena was only appropriate to make passengers more comfortable, especially with added seat middle row captain seat type.

Then the big question, is this the successor of Suzuki APV? For as in previous years, Suzuki always show the first prototype model on the mat like IIMS before eventually launched.

However, if you can not wait to have APV with a view like that, please reach for the pocket more of USD 40 million, to be brought to the garage of the house.

Suzuki price prices on the road to the Suzuki APV SGX Arena is worth USD 201 million.


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