Tesla and Toyota plans to build electric cars began to walk. The first vehicles Toyota and Tesla design will use electric technology Toyota RAV4 is a crossover model.

The two automotive companies had also signed an agreement to start developing electric versions of the RAV4 as reported by Topspeed, Sunday (18/07/2010), continue the agreement made in May 2010.

If there are no obstacles, the Toyota RAV4 introduced to the market in the Country of Uncle Sam in 2012. Toyota RAV4 first prototype was completed, and is currently being tested for its ability.

Unfortunately there is no explanation described the engine capacity. However, other information mentioned Tesla will use the electric engine that can move from point of 000-100 km per hour in about 5.6 seconds.

Batteries and electric motors Toyota SUV will be produced at NUMMI assembly manufacturer, California, United States. The plan, electric cars began to be marketed in 2012. "In addition to the United States, this stun-powered RAV4 also will be marketed worldwide," said TMC.

On 10 July, as preached automotivenews.com, Tesla has sent two Toyota models that have been transformed into an electric-powered car to the headquarters of Toyota, in Toyota City, Japan. However, at that time, both Tesla and Toyota did not mention the models.

Tuesday (13 / 7), Tesla and TMC announced it would develop the Toyota RAV4 and Lexus RX as a model for the development of electric cars. Only, at the same time there has been no formal agreement in which the model will be developed first.

"Until now we have not decided anything about the model to be developed related to electric vehicles," said Keisuke Kirimoto, a spokesman for Toyota in Japan. Indeed, Toyota Corolla Altis also wants to become one of the motor-powered cars stun it.

Toyota decided to buy a Tesla shares worth U.S. $ 50 million, to hold Tesla technology. Toyota took measures Tesla because Tesla assessed on electric technology Toyota is very good, especially the technology Tesla electric engine technology is the future.

The plan will begin to develop Tesla Toyota RAV4 at Toyota's factory in San Francisco. Besides Toyota RAV4, Toyota Tesla and electric machinery is also preparing for the Lexus RX.


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