By assert its presence in the city car market homeland, PT KIA Mobil Indonesia have set up their mainstay cute weapons, which again faces made KIA Picanto.

Although only shown the first time when carpet Indonesia International Motor Show, but it never hurts when we see the latest view of the KIA Picanto Picanto is now called Cosmo.

The most noticeable changes on the face, with added grill 'tiger' nose 'like the KIA Pride. Grill the big story of course makes it looks more sporty.

For the exterior, for example, grill design Picanto Picanto Cosmo different than other types. The manufacturer, based in South Korea grill design concept model "Tiger Nose". While the shape is also different than the Picanto foglampnya "regular."

Kia also presented with a model of oval fog lamps, similar to that applied to the Picanto in several other countries in Asia. The use of design tersbeut certainly boost the appearance Picanto.

Moving into the sides, Picanto Cosmo looks more cute due to the use of white color. But the affairs of the legs, Kia prefer alloy rims five bolt design with silver finishing.

At the stern, Picanto Cosmo almost similar to the latest generation Idnonesia Picanto, launched in early 2010. White blend with some black accents on the bumper of a car load looks a little sporty.

The news mentions, with a series of changes tersbeut, KMI Kia Picanto Cosmo price only more expensive than Rp1 million variants are usually disposed of Rp115 million to Rp131 million manual transmission and automatic transmission variants for which

KIA is also pinned on the design of new foglamp Picanto Cosmo. So also on the rear bumper design that also affected a touch of refreshment.

According to Marketing Communications Manager of KMI Ridjal Mulyadi, the price will only rise slightly. "Cosmo Picanto will appear fresher, but just add USD $ 1 million," he said when talking with detikOto, Wednesday (07/21/2010)

KIA also, through Ridjal Picanto Cosmo said that if this can already be ordered, and is also available in two variants namely the option of manual and automatic transmission.


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