SPESIFIKASI Subaru Outback

SPESIFIKASI Subaru Outback

In addition to presenting Subaru Impreza STI hatchback, PT TC Subaru also presents new automobiles, which are marketed in conjunction with carpet Indonesia International Motor Show 2010 this.

From the SUV segment which includes many devotees are in Indonesia, Subaru
New Outback presents, intended for those who argue that the uneven surfaces and perfection can not be united, they obviously have not seen the Subaru Outback.

The design of mixing between an SUV with a muscular MPV family car that has a roomy cabin space. Plus of course with luxury features and functional support for passenger comfort.

As reported by autoevolution.com, Friday (16 / 7), Subaru mention the internet facility which served it operated through a 3G network with full connection is encrypted with an average download speed of 400 kbps-1.2 mbps.

Thus, the internet connection still excellent despite the car in condition to move. "(With) Subaru Mobile Internet facilities, passengers to easily check email, surf, listen to the radio, enjoy video streaming or even post on stus social networking," said Subaru's press release.

"In fact, at the same time some passengers to use Wi-Fi connection for each device, including laptops, netbook, smart phone, gaming control, IPAD or iPod Touch latest model," added Subaru.

Subaru Outback most gres generation produced in two types of engine, 2,500 cc i that produces 170 horsepower power and a powerful 3600 R 256 horsepower. Each offers four and six cylinder.

Lineratronic Continously transmission system using variable transmission (CVT). Subaru claims that besutannya newer model fuel efficient, because it consumes only 8.1 liters for a distance of 100 kilometers on the highway.

In State Abang Sam, brand-new Outback is priced starting at U.S. $ 22,995 or approximately USD 211.55 million.

Subaru Outback Lineartronic engine CVT equipped 2.5-liter capacity,
the estimated power reaches 167 Ps and 229 Nm of torque. PT TC Subaru Outback 2.5i this latest release for USD 700 million on the road of Jakarta.

Now, turn the sedan segment is crowded in the country began early this year. Not wanting to miss, Subaru introduced the Legacy 2.5 GT also the latest, with the more elegant designs but does not eliminate the sporty characteristics of the Subaru.

Claimed by manufacturer, 02/05 Legacy GT Subaru rally car technology inherited, so that when you drive it, the blend between performance and luxury sedan style will be very clearly felt behind the wheel.

The engine is coded E-5AT Turbocharger 2.5-liter capacity, with production reaching 265 PS power and peak torque of 350 Nm. Counterparts can be redeemed with the price tag of USD 788 million on the road of Jakarta.

Both of them can you see directly in the mat Indonesia International Motor Show, at the Subaru booth IIMS.


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