SPESIFIKASI Tawon Transformer | Mobil Nasional

SPESIFIKASI Tawon Transformer | Mobil Nasional

Event Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010 took place lively. But behind the festive prestigious car shows, national car Wasps looked cornered.

Wasps produced by PT Super Gasindo Jaya (SGJ) were cornered in the arena of IIMS 2010. Wasps Transformer SGJ featuring only simple. Indonesia mobnas even this is not appearing behind closed doors but just being in the road corridor in the arena of the JI Expo.

"It's okay, the important thing we can look here. Moreover, this prestigious exhibition, we are very proud to be here," said President Director SGJ, Nyoto Kuntoaji in the arena of IIMS 2010, Kemayoran, Jakarta.

More and more tragic, when the opening yesterday Wasps had no official recognition by the Vice President Boediono. GMU economists are just coming stand-manufacturer of large car manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi or Daihatsu.

Wasp itself is a genuine car production in the country who designed, developed and produced by the children of the nation.

Wasps plans will go on sale two months or less retreated from the original plan in July 2010. "Two months away with the price of USD 40 million alone," said Nyoto.

Wasps that will be marketed later by Nyoto is Wasp, which brought 650 cc engine capacity of domestic production.

Transformer is a mini pickup, designed as a vehicle for rural areas. Further, these vehicles use engines designed by the BPPT (Ir Ir Nyoman Suparto Sujatmo and Honest). He will be sold at between Rp 30 million and Rp 35 million. Carburizing supply system (carburetor) is chosen for an affordable price and enables those living in the village to maintain and improve it.

"We are preparing Transformer with full-body press. Later this year will be the engine endurance test. After that, newly manufactured, "said Njoto.

AG Hornet
Another product on display was the AG SGJ Hornet. This small car similar to the hare. "There are three doors. Later developed into a five-door with better performance, "beber Njoto.

Apparently, Njoto claimed to have worked with manufacturers Kancil. "We split because of different in choosing the machine. Kancil wants a lawn mower. We, the machine is designed for cars, "he said.

AG Hornet 650 cc engine, produces power 20.6 kW (27.5 PS), and targeted as a substitute for Bajaj in Jakarta. According Njoto, now there's no new permits for three-wheel vehicles to transport passengers.

"Instead, we offer a Hornet. We have received recommendations from the Department of Transportation. However, permission from Gurbenur Establishments that we wait since one and a half years ago until now would not go out, "beber Njoto. In fact, ever be asked again, the file is unknown!

Njoto and his colleagues do not despair! Despite his pride cornered product position, he still berlega and enthusiasts claim to be able to filter enough. "They transport businessmen from outside Jakarta," I Njoto.

Enthusiasts, among others came from Serang (Banten) and Makasssar (South Sulawesi). Explained, enthusiasts are already pocketed a license to operate as public transportation vehicles. For this, according to Njoto, Hornet sold USD 40 million.

Daihatsu officials
The fate of the only mobnas at IIMS 2010 was arguably pathetic. He just passed away by the party receiving the Vice President and Industry, MS Hidayat when invited by the committee to see nice cars in Hall D and A. Of the thousands of visitors every day, only a few people who seriously ask questions and want to watch Transformers this seriously.

Because the format is similar to F-Concept of Daihatsu inside air-conditioned hall, Njoto pleaded not afraid to face the car was also used as a cheap car project. The reason, "Daihatsu injection system. The price is definitely more expensive. Most cheap USD 50 million. "

Apparently, some officials who were visiting Daihatsu IIMS on the first day was also invited by the management SGJ to see one of their products, AG Hornet. According to Dewa Yuniardi, Director of Sales SGJ, on his Facebook, Daihatsu officials could see and observe Hornet directly.

In fact, Naoto (Neo) Kitagawa, Director, Senior Managing Executive Oiffcer Daihatsu try sitting in the cabin Hornet. God, through his FB, display photos Daihatsu officials while in the cabin Hornet. However, he did not explain the comment Daihatsu officials.




AG Hornet
Type Gasoline, 4-stroke, 2-cylinder
Capacity (cc) 485 644
Max Power kW @ rpm 11.5 (15PS) @ 3800 20.6 @ 5300
Max torque Nm @ rpm 31@3.800 49@2.700-3.000

"This machine is designed solely by us and manufactured in our factory in Tegal," he added.

Not only that, but even then leaked when Nyoto SGJ is currently developing a new engine with a capacity of 500 cc which was developed together with a friend.

And if there is no hindrance crosswise, Wasp-engined 500 cc they will be marketed next year.

"All in the preparation phase, hopefully next year can be marketed. Because it carries 500 cc engine under the exact price will be USD 40 million," he said.

Apart from Wasps, mobnas from Archipelago Automotive Industry Association or other Asianusa IIMS appear at this time is the Komodo dragon.


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