SPESIFIKASI Nissan Livina 1.8 Highway Star

SPESIFIKASI Nissan Livina 1.8 Highway Star

Together with Indonesia International Motor Show, Nissan presents the latest variant of the Livina family, namely, the Nissan Grand Livina 1.8 Highway Star.

His name has been labeled Highway Star, Nissan had been pinned on a few good additions to the exterior appearance, as well as cabin space of the Grand Livina 1.8 Highway Star this.

Just look at the outward appearance is now increasingly looks sporty aerokit addition, starting from the front bumper, also the rear, and side skirts. View is reinforced by the application of metallic-alloy rim.

While for cabin space, a layer of skin on the seat would certainly add to the comfort, especially with the DVD player and rear passengers remain too certain to be entertained by the headrest LCD monitors.

"We're presenting a special edition of Highway Star to Grand Livina Livina family supplement, specifically for the event IIMS this time," said President Director of PT Nissan Motor Indonesia, Takayuki Kimura, held a press conference at IIMS, the JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

This product line-up complete the Grand Livina series, which is Nissan's flagship product in the Indonesian market.

Grand Livina - in addition to motorized 1.5-liter Grand Livina, Livina X-Gear, and Livina XR - still the backbone of Nissan. Takayuki Kimura, the president director of PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) said the Livina family contributes about 60 percent of the total sales of Nissan.

Based on data from the Indonesian Automotive Industries Association (Gaikindo) says about 12 thousand of the total 18 thousand sales of Nissan during the first six months of 2010 comes from the Nissan Livina family.
As the spearhead of the sale, the new Grand Livina family has various new features. 

Supplement, among others performed on the interior with seats with leather lining, DVD player with LCD monitor on the headrest.On the exterior, the Grand Livina Highway Star aerokit increasingly style with all over his body (full body aerokit) and metallic alloy wheel. Consumers are given a special color choice white solid.

Vice President Director of National Sales and Promotion NMI, Teddy Irawan explained, for this variant is only available choice of 1,800 cc engine. "Highway Star Grand Livina is still using the 1.8-liter engine. There are currently no Grand Livina model for the 1.5-liter engine, "he said.

Nissan offers two types of transmission options for the Grand Livina was Highway Star, that is automatic with a price tag of USD 225.9 million and manual transmission at Rp 220.9 million, both of whom are on the road of Jakarta.

There were only around 150 units Highway Grand Livina will be produced, even if the interest of society is considered good, the production unit could be added.


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