SPESIFIKASI Ford Fiesta | Laris di IIMS

SPESIFIKASI Ford Fiesta | Laris di IIMS

Ford Fiesta sold well in the arena of Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010. Until the fifth day exhibition (07/27/2010), PT Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI) garnered sales of 180 units, where 90 percent of the Fiesta.

Will Angove, President Director of FMI said, zest exhibition visitor this year was very positive. The presence of the Fiesta became one of the attractions as well as our weapon to boost sales.

"Of the two types are offered, the composition 50:50 (between the engines 1.4 L and 1.6 L). Usually the consumer is choosing which type of top first and then gradually down to the type of bottom," he said when met at the booth Ford exhibit at the IIMS, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, today.

According to a press release Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI), until last August the Fiesta sales have reached 940 thousand units. This figure includes sales of 810 thousand units in Europe, Asia Pacific 120 thousand units, as well as North America 10 thousand units.

"Less than two years after its global performance in Europe, Ford Fiesta has exceeded expectations by attracting new customers who are younger and established the Ford brand, this is strong evidence of the implementation plan for One Ford," said Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally.

"The design of an intelligent and intuitive technology are highly valued in the global marketplace," said Jim Farley, Ford Group Vice President for Marketing, Sales and Service.

Although Ford has managed to find ways to develop and deliver high-quality vehicle finance and frugal, but worldwide marketing Fiesta is quite challenging because of the diversity of customers.

In a country which is a new place for the Fiesta, for example in China, Southeast Asia and the United States, Ford's use of social media and digital widely to create awareness before the launch.

"The use of social media gives the impression of an authentic consumer. This media provides a level of credibility that can not be obtained from a traditional marketing campaign, "Farley added.

Data provided by FMC calls, 54 percent of buyers in China Fiesta aged 29 years, and the average age of all buyers is 30 years old. In South Africa, 50 percent aged less than 29 years and the average buyer age of 33 years.

Fiesta, Will said, could provide more than customer needs. Especially the voice command feature that is attracting considerable consumer interest.

Since the initial launch last July, the number of Vehicle Booking Letter (DSS) that go to reach 460 units. New orders plus 150 units in the exhibition. "So it's good request, and we're very confident," Will said.

Related spesification units, he explained the type of engine is 1.4 L will begin to go in August. While new types of market entry 1.6 L September.

Meanwhile, today FMI received three awards from the magazine Car & Tuning Guide. Third award for Best Engine, Convenience Feutures Ford E20 and B5, and Best Dress-up Ford Fiesta hatchback.

"One of the interesting, we did not showcase environmentally friendly technology but in fact we are getting this award. This is incredible," lid Will.


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