Still remember the splice concept car Peugeot scooters and cars, with cute designs funny nan annoy? Well, the French car manufacturer will soon produce it.

According to Peugeot Design Director, Gilles Vidal, BB1 production version will go on sale in 2012, and the next slowest in 2013, as reported by Autoevolution, Thursday (22/07/2010).

A very interesting part about this plan is the fact that Peugeot has decided to maintain the appearance of the concept car BB1.

BB1 strange appearance, especially the front. However, that concept has to offer for this car can be made with dimensions of 2.5 m long, 1.6 meters width, and height 1.5 m; and able to carry four adult passengers.

With these dimensions, BB1 is an agile car. Peugeot claims the car turning diameter is only 3.5 meters. Easy parked and does not require a lot of space. Another uniqueness of this car, the two side doors open backwards. Hinges at the rear.

Interior flexible. Although the posture of this car small or cute, flexible interior to load people and goods. Space volume of goods is only 160 liters when filled BB1 4 people. However, the 855 liters of luggage space when BB1 only filled driver.

He further, driving position BB1 concept was inspired by motorcycles. Upright position. In this way, the pedal-pedal does not need a room or floor like a conventional car.

In fact, the passenger is positioned in tandem behind the driver. So also the other side, namely the front and rear passengers.

The technology used for the entire front lights are LED. There is also a camera to look at the situation and condition of the back.

No less interesting is the application of a series of interactive technology, the screen color monitor with car audio systems that are ideal for functions of a smartphone, telephone, navigation, internet access, radio, and MP3. Operation only with pencolokan USB audio unit or use a 12 volt socket when necessary.

Also there is a clock that makes the atmosphere in the interior come alive. Interior color changes every period, and time is running according to the rhythm of light. This feature is designed to relieve boredom and give life passion. There are also animated graphics for the speedometer.

Various body. The source driving this car is an electric motor mounted directly on the two rear wheels. This is the result of Peugeot engineered with Michelin. With this technology, the interior space can be maximized.

Energy sources are inspired by quad bike (ATV). Maximum power is produced at 15 kW (20 HP) or 7.5 kW for each engine. The result, for the sprint from 0-30 kpj, BB1 acquired it in 2.8 seconds. As for the acceleration of 30-60 km / hour, BB1 only takes 4 seconds.

Lithium-ion batteries can be used to cover 120 km once the full content. The battery pack consists of two units which are located under the back seat right and left. In this way, the weight centered in the middle and help the stability during braking BB1.

The chassis used is the model pipe (tubular) which is designed by Peugeot Motorcycle. Then, the use of electric power steering, suspension wishsbone double, and a series of per-damper friction makes the vehicle stable on the road and in accordance with its performance.

Body is made of extremely lightweight carbon structures that can protect the entire passenger compartment. Amazingly, the body shape can be changed according to taste their owners allowing diverse forms.

Peugeot specifications BB1
Electric motor

permanent magnet
Continuous power

2 x 7.5 kW
Power max.

2 x 10
Torque max.

2 x 320 Nm

Michelin energy saver

195 x 50 R60
Performance (driver only)
Acceleration 0-30 kpj

2.8 seconds
Acceleration from 30-60 kpj

4.0 seconds
Maximum speed

90 kpj
Distance battery life

120 km

2.50 m

1.60 m

1.54 m

1.8 m
Front and rear overhangs

0.40 and 0.30
Front and rear tracks

1.40 m
Weight without battery

500 kg
Weight with battery

600 kg

0,36 / 0,37


The car is powered by electric motors mounted on the rear wheel, developed by Peugeot in conjunction with Michelin. Both motors have a maximum power 20 hp respectively.

So the car can be driven cartoon form 00-30 km per hour in 2.8 seconds and 30-60 km per hour in four seconds. Coverage of lithium-ion battery has reached a distance of 120 km.

In addition, BB1 also still have the additional power generated by solar panels by Ocean Vital development outcome, which was placed on the roof which is also rounded.

Total weight of the vehicle, including batteries, approximately 600 kg. With a length of 2.5 meters, BB1 Peugeot has all possibilities to be classified as a car.


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