SPESIFIKASI Hyundai i40 | Pesaing VW Passat

SPESIFIKASI Hyundai i40 | Pesaing VW Passat

Korean manufacturer Hyundai is preparing a four-door coupe version of cool, would later become the model of generation i, the Hyundai i40.

Hyundai i40 is adopted from a concept car iFlow mentioned would be a competitor of the leading German manufacturer Volkswagen Passat is worth 22 520 pounds.

Even the ambitious, the Korean car company will be slightly cheapen the price of i40, so that it can be in the range of £ 18 000 price, as reported by Auto Express, Tuesday (20/07/2010).

Hyundai i40 will be designed as a four-passenger car is more practical, with extra rear headroom, so that it could destabilize the functional existence of the VW Passat.

Hyundai i40 sedan version was produced in and known as the Hyundai Sonata. This Wagon mentioned will use the machine used by the version of the sedan.

Indeed, it is not certain specifications of the car because the car tested was closed layer of camouflage. However, it is estimated to use the machine would not be much different from the sedan version of either gasoline or diesel engine. 1600 cc.

Type gasoline engine has been equipped direct injection technology or the so-called GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection). Thanks to the power output devices this machine is equivalent to 2,000 cc engine.

Diesel engine variants are offered two types. First-powered 115 horsepower, and the second type-powered 136 horsepower.

Hyundai i40 also produce sedans with larger engines, both diesel and gasoline. First, the 2,000 cc diesel engine-powered 184 horsepower, and the 2200 cc engine-powered 200 horsepower.

As for the petrol engine variants, the first 2,000 cc four-cylinder that produces 172 horsepower power. Second, the 2400 cc engine that powered Theta GDI 200 horsepower.

In fact, a source of Hyundai's design team says, "Once we saw the concept iFlow president, he said: We should make this car," said the source.

"Hyundai wants to move to different areas of the market and sell cars that appeal to the hearts and minds of consumers, car shows more emotion," he added.

Coupe i40 is likely to be powered by 1.7 liter diesel engine with a capacity of energy production estimated at between 115 bhp and 140bhp.

A 1.6-liter gasoline engine capacity must also be available, with support for automatic or manual gearboxes transmit six speed that will be offered.

Hyundai plans to begin marketing this i40 next year in May, and slowest in November 2011, although some people in suggest to be marketed starting in 2012.


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