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Mobil Hijau Toyota Yang Mirip Mainan

Toyota seem to continue to strive to become a leader in technological innovation in the field of environmentally friendly cars. And cute car Toyota Future Electric Vehicle, or abbreviated as FT-EV, an example, which you can physically see in Indonesia International Motor Show.

This is the second generation development of the FT-EV. Positioned as the embryo of a future city car that relies on electricity as a source of energy. The form is an ultra compact, equipped with a sliding door that can accommodate four passengers in comfort, although we know, the FT-EV looks very cute dimensions.

Auxiliary Design window under the windscreen and panoramic roof made the view out from inside the cabin large enough, so they can support safety around the vehicle.

FT-EV also already applied the drive-by-wire technology, with the rudder joystick, which can operate all functions including akselarator, brakes, the wheel, so that both can be stretched legs freely without activity.

And not only designed as a means of transportation,the FT-EV is also a communication tool as well as seekers of information for the driver, with many advanced features that applied to the electric car Toyota.

"Prius and the FT-EV II that we represent at IIMS 2010 in one embodiment of Toyota's vision untu presents an environmentally friendly vehicle technologies," said Johnny Darmawan, President Director of PT. Toyota Astra Motor in a press release Monday.

Prius has sold over 1.7 million units of the technology developed 'hybrid vehicles' (HV). Technology that makes the Prius hybrid can get power from the electric motor and a conventional engine. Based on the concept of HV, Toyota developed a Plug in Hybrid Vehicle (PHV) and Fuel-Cell Hybrid Vehicle (FCHV).

Besides the Prius, Toyota's seriousness in developing future-oriented vehicle was also seen in the FT-EV II, which is the development of TF-EV, the precursor of the 'city car' electric-powered future.

FT-EV II is a unique electric-powered vehicle that apply the technology 'drive by wire' with steering wheel-like 'joy stick' that can manage all the functions such as brake, gearshift, brake, and steering.

Silent when driven, comes with a 'panoramic window', zero emissions, and even design as a means of communication and information seekers, the FT-EV II is a reflection of the future of urban vehicles.

"Certainly all the thoroughness of this innovation is expected to bring goodness to all parties," said Johnny Darmawan

"FT-EV which we represent in IIMS 2010 This is a manifestation of Toyota's vision
in presenting the environmentally friendly vehicle technologies, "explains Head, Product Planning Department, PT Toyota-Astra Motor, Achmad Rizal, at the Toyota booth IIMS.

President director of PT Astra International Tbk Prijono Sugiarto a chance to see this funny car also had a brief comment. "Oh yes much like a toy car," he said.

Indeed, judging from the FT-EV kokpit II is like a toy car, thanks to the steering system such as the joystick games.

Cars that are smaller than the IQ concept car last year Toyota brought to Indonesia also has a wider leg space. Because the brake, and gas is set by the joystick function earlier.

This futuristic car designed for short trips and offers high visibility with the monitor near the dashboard that could monitor the condition of the rear car.


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