SPESIFIKASI Mobil Solar | Pertama di Palestina | Bertenaga Matahari

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Solar | Pertama di Palestina | Bertenaga Matahari

Although still beset the Palestinian issue does not mean that waves can not work. The proof of three Palestinian students from the Polytechnic University, Hebron, capable of making a solar car.

And incredibly, the car was given a white curtain was only manufacture takes for three months. That, too, ranging from car design to assembly.

Well, even if they do it with limited funds and scarce resources. ability of this solar-powered car has been pretty well.

Armed with only 2 bhp engine power, the Palestinian-made solar-powered car is capable of running with a speed of 30 km per hour.

For solar energy project vehicles, Toyota still relies on an electric car that energy is supplied from the power cells mounted on the car. Regarding replenishment, it can be done with electricity from. solar panels at home    Toyota hopes, the development model of sun-powered cars can be done in total.  

Today, TMC try demonstration on the Camry sedan and Lexus luxury that has begun fitted with solar panels at its factory in Tsutsumi.

TMC seriousness with this project, before the cars tested solar energy, solar panels it had set the amount equal to 60 tennis courts at Tsutsumi. The amount is enough to supply electricity to 500 homes.

In addition to generating business interests are being dropped, this project leads to emissions of carbon dioxide, which is to reduce carbon dioxide by 740 tons a year are the same as using as many as 238,500 liters of oil a year.

At the rear there are solar panels that can absorb solar energy and then store it in batteries. but when the weather was overcast, the sun this car could get in the house with electric charge.

"We had almost no industry, so that almost all existing pollution comes from vehicle (not factory)," said mechanical engineering department director Dr. Salhab Zahdi like detikOto quotation from The Telegraph, Thursday (07/22/2010).

Salhab hope with the birth of this car, the University can attract funding for further development costs so that solar cars can be used in the West Bank.

"It would cost about U.S. $ 4,000 (only USD 36.2 million) to build this car, but we need twice as much to build a real car that has to perform better, faster, able to go longer and can go at all conditions, "he explained.


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