SPESIFIKASI Mobil Komodo | Mobil Garuk Tanah

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Komodo | Mobil Garuk Tanah
At the exhibition of 18th Indonesia International Motor Show this year, carded cars homeland Cimahi city, dragons returned to the show. However, this time more sophisticated and tidy.

In addition to the engine which had brought the four steps of technology, its capacity was swollen to 250cc. Also, no less attractive, had an automatic transmission are pretty, so we can be sure your natural home range of activities would be more fun and not complicated.

250 cc 4 stroke engine is also equipped with a radiator is capable of producing power is 17 hp. Although small, but due to the overall weight of the dragons light, then asked to climb even power will not struggling, as it was designed to deal with dragons offroad terrain.

Neat appearance even now more details on parts, so it is more pleasing to the eye. Starting from the dashboard panels simple yet functional, the transmission lever also makes Komodo see more classy car claim the child as a nation.

He said the previous bial production Komodo only 5 units per two months, then from September 2010 production capacity will be increased to 8 units per month.

"If the first five new units bsia done two months later on 8 units per month," he said. It's all done FiIN, he said, because demand for the dragons kept coming.

At present, call the Gods, Komodo has ordered 30 units for the model that has a machine terbarunay 250 cc 4-stroke automatic transmission. "So if 8 units a month, every year we can hopefully production to 100 units, and hopefully next year could boost production again," he said.

Cars from Cimahi, Bandung that is strengthened with 250 cc 4 stroke engine capable of producing output to 17 hp and equipped with automatic transmission.

Komodo get the title as The New Wave Commercialization Car Magazine MarkPlus a Marketeers.Komodo is currently in genjot production because the market demand that quite a lot, more than 8 units per month.

With this production rate jack he hopes consumers will not be long awaiting the arrival of these off-road car. "Because we do not want any more events that cancel orders because of the old unit is sent," kekehnya.

He said, currently there is no issue about the workshop in Cimahi Komodo. "Land there is still widespread and many have not explored, we are just looking for trouble enough material," he said

Likewise with the second material that is soft and ergonomic jok to sit on, also has been equipped with a four point seatbelt is qualified to make the driver's seating position and equipment must be devoured anng although the steep terrain.

By supporting appearance, Komodo also now uses 12-inch alloy wheels pelk, which when combined with the tire hoe, create an aura of scratching the ground on a removable car worth USD 60 million is more subtle.

"Anyway, this dragon we represent 250 AT offroad its users to experience more felt fun and not complicated," said President Director of PT Fin Komodo Technology, Ibn Susilo when talking to the arena detikOto IIMS, JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Tuesday (27 / 7 / 2010).

You are curious about the figure of Komodo, please visit Komodo in Hall C JI Expo Kemayoran during this IIMS mat lasts.


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