SPESIFIKASI CKD sport utility vehicle Ceyenne

SPESIFIKASI CKD sport utility vehicle Ceyenne

India was lucky. Porsche will assemble CKD Ceyenne sport utility vehicle with a Volkswagen factory ride in the "State Extract" it. Other purposes, other than import duty tax extenuate, second most populous country in the world it is a potential market and accounted for 65 percent of global sales.

Sources who know the project, said the Indian vote is the most moderate decisions than to have to build new plants. CKD will cut the import tax burden to 40 percent rather than CBU which reached 113 percent.

Ends, would be more competitive price and the sale could be improved. Last year, the Cayenne successfully negoitable 138 units and sales in 2010 increased to 250 units.

Sport utility vehicle (SUV) will use a diesel engine capacity of 3.0 liter V6 turbo.

This machine is capable of producing power of 240 hp (176 kW). And the maximum sustained torque of 550 Nm. Although powerful, but the Cayenne diesel only requires 9.3 liters of diesel per 100 km distance.

In addition to powerful and fuel efficient, able to withstand Porsche CO2 exhaust emissions Cayenne to 244 grams per kilometer.

Despite experiencing significant changes, but the Porsche promised, handling and ability Cayenne diesel version will remain cool previous versions. If interested, just be patient, because Porsche Cayenne diesel plans to start offering to the public in February 2009

Versatile sports car was offered in several engine variants, the V6 and V8 both with turbochargers or not, a V6 with a supercharger, even a hybrid version. Cayenne hybrid-powered 380 horsepower and is the most economical in its class.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency test of the United States (Environment Protection Agency / EPA) fuel consumption rate of one liter to 8.8 kilometers (km) on urban roads. While on the highway, a liter to 10.52 km.

Cayenne priced starting at U.S. $ 47,675 or approximately USD 429 million, and the type Cayenne Turbo U.S. $ 168,000 or approximately USD 1.51 billion. Meanwhile, the Cayenne S priced U.S. $ 82,000 or approximately USD 738 million.

However, Porsche's party denies the existence of the plan. Production activities otherwise remain in Germany. Currently Cayenne is produced at the factory in Zuffenhausen and Leipzig Germany.

"Porsche will still have a German production standards and there are no plans Porsche assemble or manufacture in India," said Ashish Chordia, CEO of Porsche India, as reported by Autoevolution, yesterday.

This tax reduction measures such as the manufacturer is not the first time. In China, Cayenne engine capacity is derived from a standard 3.6 L V6 3.0 L V6. This is to reduce the tax burden alone. So, nothing's impossible.


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