SPESIFIKASI GTbyCitroen | Suppercar GT

SPESIFIKASI GTbyCitroen | Suppercar GT

If most automotive manufacturers are competing to create a super car or a supercar, the French manufacturer, Citroen even cancel his plans to make a supercar.

Citroen has announced that they will not build the GT supercar concept has been on display at the Paris Motor Show 2008 last year, namely GTbyCitroen.

In fact, when first exhibited at the time, GTbyCitroen received a very positive, and even PSA / Peugeot-Citroen chief Jean-Pierre Designer Ploue said he would produce it.

Four-wheeled vehicles weighing 1.36 tons of this lead in super-class machines. About speed, Citroen GT need pointed thumb. As an illustration, in the period just 3.6 seconds, this car is capable of accelerating road up to 100 km per hour.

Citroen GT can be categorized high class in his field, because the car is hydrogen powered and equipped with digital control machine tools 646 and 136 other automotive devices. About the beauty of the exterior, the car along the 4.960 meters with 2080 meters wide and 1.090 meters high are no less interesting, because the whole decorated with fine lines and aggressive style.  

Citroen concept car featuring "GTbyCitroen". Originally, this vehicle is only in the arena of simulation Playstation Gran Tourismo 5, which then direlaisasi 1:1 by Citroen. This prototype vehicle designed by Takumi Yammoto with colleagues Kazumi Yamauchi.

Both of them had never imagined that they would have realized then design and built with steel and carbon fiber by Citroen.From the dimensions, the length of five meters, two meters tall with a very macho look futuristic. Similar views are not only limited to the view outside, but also made the cockpit very futuristic.
Performance first and Foremost

is geared to the world of motor racing, with its dynamic styling, sculpted lines and sharp graphics. The rear end is oversized, made exaggeratedly long in order to create an effect of retinal persistence. The idea is to make the concept car even faster Visually. The white-to-gray gradation on the body side Further underlines this impression of continuous movement.

Top-level driving

The cabin of GTbyCITROEN, Designed to seat two Adults, expresses the grand touring vision behind this show-car. The on-board ambience allies premium, extensively worked materials with a morehigh-tech effect for the driving position.

The layout of the low driving position was dictated by driving pleasure. The AIM is for the driver to be Able to concentrate on the road, assisted by a head-up display clearly displaying driving information.


- Power and flowing lines

The design of GTbyCITROEN reflects a quest for optimal aerodynamic design. The show-car is a vehicle of flowing, the link lines, stretched to the extreme. The cleanly drawn sides, ribbed at the top, and the pearlescent shade of the bodywork enhance the vehicle's sleekly muscled looks.

The determined look of the front end is enhanced by wide water intakes and clear-cut horizontal headlamps. The headlamps feature penetrating blue LEDs in order to light the road effectively and keep at a respectful distance Rivals! The chrome chevrons on the smooth bonnet express the Marque's identity.


by armed with hi-tech racing parts, gullwing doors, spoilers and aerodynamic design is characterized by a super fast car. Adopted the blue LED headlamps and a touch of carbon materials in some places.

Choice of exterior and classy interior and a lightweight body materials. Dark shades of color selected cabin with the installation of two seats. To keep drivers stay focused, on-board data is displayed via red LED.
Because GTbyCITROEN is dedicated to the future of racing vehicles, the mandatory environmental friendly. In the simulator game, GTbyCITROEN using electric power transfer to the fuel cell.

However, as reported, Autoblog, Thursday (08/07/2010) French manufacturers are changing the plan and choose to cancel GTbyCitroen production.

Initially media reports say will be produced in an edition GTbyCitroen limited to only six units, each with a price of more than € 1 million and is supported by a powerful V8 engine from the Ford GT.

However, Citroen seems to act more opportunistically, rather than producing GTbyCitroen with limited numbers, they prefer to focus on other products that will bring in more money.


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