SPESIFIKASI Mitsubishi ASX Outlander

SPESIFIKASI Mitsubishi ASX Outlander

Mitsubishi in the ground water is already synonymous with the family car or Sport Utility explorers Vehicle (SUV). Now, the presence Mitsubishi Outlander ASX in Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) will certainly reinforce that image.

This is Mitsubishi's flagship compact SUV that was first marketed in Japan and Europe, with the dimensions of the elegant but did not leave a strong impression of sportiness.

Special Outlander ASX model is judged to have huge potential for crossover market in Indonesia somewhat promising. Eiichi mentions a number of around 5,000 units per month. Outlander ASX itself will enter the premium segment. "The price is probably at the beginning of Rp 300 million per unit," he said.

To drive it. The first time you sit a little time to feel awkward, because the unit tested is a version of the left wheel. No problem, yet not tested the way of the highway, but a small disirkuit owned Bridgestone.

Direct transmission in moving keposisi D, immediately stepped on the gas pedal the car was sliding fast, amazing for a car of this class SUV. At the trial on bumpy roads at high speeds and still remain stable.

Amazingly from 4 wheel drive mode can be changed to 2 whell drive only with a play button, and this can be done when a car drove under the speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

Sophisticated security devices on the car was fairly complete, with a SRS knee airbag, emergency stoplamp signaling system and electronic time and alarm control system which ensures the driver and passenger safety.

Eiichi usually mention it to test the product about six months. Outlander ASX uses the gasoline engine 16 valve inline-4 with a capacity of 1998 cc with 110 ps and torque of 197 kgm. Crossover is reinforced 6-speed automatic transmission with motion system 2WD, 4WD Auto and 4WD Lock which is controlled electronically.

Grille front of a large appliance 'Jet filtering' similar to the Mitsubishi sedan Lancer, certainly heightened aura of sportiness on this car, especially with the addition of headlights and foglamp.

Technical Specifications
4811 MIVEC DOHC 4 Cylinder
Cylinder capacity
1998 cc
ECI-Multi Combustion System (Electronic Controled Injection)
Power maximum
PS 110
Maximum torque
197 kg-m
Power Wheel Drive AWC electronically-controlled 4-Wheel Drive system
Estimated price
USD 300 million (Prices in Japan)

The dimensions are smaller than the Pajero Sport makes maneuvering and handling of ASX Outlander is claimed far more nimble and agile to conquer all terrain.

ASX 4811 Outlander MIVEC engine is equipped with a DOHC inline four-cylinder, with a capacity of 2.0 cc, with estimated production of energy that can be generated to reach 110 PS.

And the sensation of driving an SUV would be more so with the support of AWC electronically-controlled 4-Wheel Drive system that garnish in all four wheels of this Outlander ASX.


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