SLS gait new AMG will begin for the Indonesian public in July 2010, but the electric version of the seagull was already available. And who was the first rider was lucky to taste this electric car

He is a former Formula 1 racing driver, David Coulthard. David was the first to taste the reliability of electrical machines SLS AMG.

"This car drove by instant but gentle, and exceeded what I anticipated before," says former racer by Mercedes-Benz team was quoted as saying by worldcarfans, Wednesday (07/07/2010).

More importantly, continued Coulthard, this car could be had both thanks to the slalom with a low center of gravity.

Entire bodies SLS AMG electric version with SLS AMG petrol versions. However, the primacy of the car is more silent than the gasoline version. SLS E-Cell is also more color striking namely AMG lumilectric Magno. "When I saw the color first, first I was not sure about the color, but with performance that was I so like the color," Coulthard said, smiling.

Indeed for the speed of this car is not as tough as gasoline version. From the point of rest to 100 km per hour SLS AMG E-Cell can be taken with a time of four seconds, one second difference with the standard version.

SLS electric AMG contain lithium batteries and four electric motors. Electrical machines can be sprayed energy equivalent to 392 kw or 526 bhp or 533 PS. While the SLS torque is 880 Nm electric AMG.

The first prototype of the SLS AMG E-Cell is ready to show off to the world with stunning yellow color cast. In an SLS driven by standard AMG 3.6-liter V8 engine could produce power as strong ytang 571 horsepower.

In its development to the front of the mechanic Mercy in Stuttgart substitute all electric motor with four wheels and an integrated placed close by the reduction gears to drive to four wheel.

Contained electric motor AMG SLS can produce slightly less power than gasoline engines of about 526 horsepower and maximum torque of 880 Nm / 649 lb-ft.

SLS AMG electric version is claimed to be 0 emissions vehicle that can go from zero to 100 km / h with a record time of 4.0 seconds. Electrical energy comes from 400-volt, liquid-cooled high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack that can be re isis.

Meanwhile, frills "AMG" behind the name "SLS" reflects the be appointed machine. Namely kitchen runway capacity of 6.3 liter V8. With the engine German sports car that can generate power of 571 hp with 650 Nm of torque through sisttem transmission 7-speed double clutch.

To accelerate, the SLS AMG can go from the stop position until the speed of 100 km / h in just 3.8 seconds, while maximum speed can penetrate up to 317 km / hour.

In addition to changes in the machine, the German company is also updating some parts of the exterior and interior, AMG On the exterior SLS get unique front apron with a front splitter extended, revised air vents and so forth.

If there is no hindrance transversely, the Mercedes-Benz plans to produce cars in 2015 with the European market which will definitely taste the reliability of the car, which until now has not been known to the market price.


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