In Indonesia, the launch of MICRA, Nissan's eco car event takes place at the same time Indonesian International Motor Show (IIMS). But at the center of production, Thailand, orders began to pile pivot until five months into the future. Noted 8.000an consumers have been filling a letter ordering vehicles (DSS). price Unit 375 000 baht (Rp104, 6 million) per unit on the road.

"Five to 10 customers come every day to the Nissan dealer to ask. But they have to queue up," said Wiwat Manuthad, Siam Motor Sales, as reported by Bloomberg, today.

Thailand's automotive industry (production) is predicted to jump 60 percent because some brands like Nissan, Ford and Toyota to increase production to meet domestic demand and exports.

Nissan Micra was launched in Thailand last March 17. At the White Elephant Interior, this car is priced 375 thousand - 537 baht, or about USD 105 - USD 150.4 million. "This car will be marketed in 160 countries," said Toshiyaki Shiga, Chief Operating Officer of Nissan, told Reuters.

Micra is offered in two engine types, namely HR12 1200 cc petrol engine-powered three-cylinder 80 PS and 108 Newtonmeter torque (Nm). Both 1200 cc petrol engine with turbocharger and direct injection technology that produces power to 98PS and torque of 142 Nm. This variant is also equipped with technology start-stop system.

But both use the same system that is manual transmission with five levels of acceleration. Both also use the technology, Nissan's all-new continuously variable transmission (CVT) in the transmission system.

The car that uses a new platform Nissan, called V-Platform was designed and has been through a series of trials in Japan. A number of security features such as Antilock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), pretensioner seat belts, two airbags in front, curtain airbags, and side airbags in passenger and driver become standard features of the small car.

Total production during the first five months this year reached 620 116 units (domestic and export), doubled from last year's position. Until the end of the year is expected to reach 1.6 million units. Details, to absorb the domestic and the remaining 630 000 units exported to the world.


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