SPESIFIKASI Nissan X-Trail Diesel 2.0GT facelift

SPESIFIKASI Nissan X-Trail Diesel 2.0GT facelift

Nissan Motor Corp. (NMC) will introduce the X-Trail Diesel 2.0GT facelift, next Sunday. The biggest changes are on the automatic transmission is equipped with six levels of acceleration.

While the exterior design looks grille, front bumper and new headlamps, which combined with a lamp [u rear LEDs. Design also includes a rim with a size of 17 inches wrapped with 225/60R17 tire size.

The legs are also redesigned, now Nissan chose 17-inch rims and tires combined P225/60R17 size which makes it appear more manly.

For the interior, instrument panel X-Trail is now bigger so it can display information about the vehicles became more clear.

Through the instrument driver also presented information on the car what it must be repaired, including when to change oil and tires, as well as information on fuel consumption.

X-TRAIL 20GT has a new 6-speed automatic transmission is paired on the 2.0-liter diesel engine. Special 4WD models, Nissan provides Advanced features Hill Descent Control.

Weaknesses diesel which engined vehicles available today is the high emission of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and pollutants which produced . But slowly, the vehicle may attract the attention of the European market and record high sales. This is because this vehicle has a fuel efficiency 30 percent better than vehicle gasoline engine and low emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Currently, Daimler Chrysler become one- company automotive diesel engines that have been marketed in Japan by produk Mercedes E320 CDI sedan it.

While the new Honda diesel will market vehicle after 2009 in Japan. Which controls 40 percent market Honda automobile in Japan has already committed to producing vehicle diesel, but did not mention the target time.

For the interior, the driver gets information from the vehicle parts that must be repaired. Including oil changes and tires, the distance that has been implemented and information about fuel consumption.

Then, the larger the instrument panel. Then, the color of the original pillars of gray tailored to the instrument panel. Seat of the plant material is replaced with the skin.

For having a four wheel (4WD) comes with Hill Descent Control System (HDCS). This device serves to keep the car so as not to sag when the car lost power when castrate road climbs.

About the price, starting from 25 343 35 526 U.S. dollars to the most expensive U.S. dollars. There are seven color choices.


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