SPESIFIKASI Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Dan Diesel | Paling Diminati

SPESIFIKASI Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Dan Diesel | Paling Diminati

Consumers of luxury cars such as ground water began to calculate when they wanted to purchase a vehicle. You see, the issue of environmentally friendly and fuel efficient already squarely in the hearts of consumers of premium cars homeland.

Like the Porsche. Porsche Cayenne hybrid and diesel is the most preferred model of consumer country. Approximately ten units of the two vehicles had been ordered or pivot.

"Porsche Cayenne your customer to less than ten. Most of them messages hybrid and diesel, "said VP of Sales and Marketing PT Eurokars Artha Utama, Yudy W. Widodo, the launch of the Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Center in Pondok Indah Jakarta, Friday (7/9/2010).

Porsche Cayenne hybrid 3.0-liter V6 engine with a capacity of 8 triptonic acceleration combined with synchronous electric motor.

Because the specification of features and accessories that are flexible customizeddan reason, then the price of brand-new Porsche Cayenne that until now could not be determined. On the other hand, this Porsche car manufacturers also have to calculate the tax rates that existed before the car is really in the hands of consumers. "So, the amount of the final price will be visible when the car in question must have really reached the hands of consumers," said Judy.

Although the price is uncertain, it turns out customers' interest is not retroactive. Evidence, to date approximately 10 orders have been entered in the PT Eurokars.Dari that 60 percent of them order a type and hybrid turbo.

"Hybrid is the type of car which is currently a trend in the world. So it is with diesel, especially now that diesel engines have been developed factory also environmentally friendly," explained the man was humorous.

Calista Tambajong, Public Relations Manager of Porsche Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is headquartered in Singapore, adding another attraction Porsche Cayenne Porsche and other models generally are designs that use the principles of Intelligent Performance Porsche.

"It means orsche designed to have extra power with low fuel consumption, efficient, light weight, and equipped with features and new technology," he said.

The fifth type that is brand-new Cayenne, Cayenne standard V6-powered 3600 cc 220 kilo watt (kW), six-speed manual transmission with an optional eight-speed triptronic S, and equipped with Porsche Traction Management.

Second, the Cayenne V6 3000 cc diesel, powerful 400 horsepower, eight-speed transmission Triptronic S, PTM with all-wheel drive is permanent.

Third, the Cayenne S 4800 cc engine, powerful 400 horsepower, eight-speed transmission Triptronic S, with all-wheel drive is active. Fourth, 3.000cc Cayenne V6 hybrid engine and electric motor combined with synchronous. Conventional machine capable of spraying power 380 horsepower.

Fifth, the Cayenne turbo 4800 cc V8. This type of machine capable of spraying power to 500 horsepower. Transmission system using S Triptronic eight acceleration, and four-wheel active. This type capable accelerates from a stop or 0 kilometers per hour (kpj) to a speed of 100 kpj within 4.7 seconds.

With that power the engine can eject at 380 hp. From the point of rest to 100 km / h the engine is able to reach out to 6.5 seconds.

While the maximum speed of 240 km / hr. For its fuel consumption is 8.2 liters to reach 100 km.

While the Porsche Cayenne diesel 3.0-liter V6 engine carried the eight transmission triptonic acceleration. The engine is quite well. Noted energy that can be issued as big as 400 Hp. 0-100 km / h can be achieved in 5.9 seconds. While the maximum speeds up to 218 km / hr. For fuel consumption, Porsche claims to be 10.5 liters for 100 kilometers.

Fuel consumption is quite frugal this is consistent with the principle of extra power that is Porsche but with low fuel consumption, high efficiency and exhaust emissions are lower.

Depending on the Consumer Price

Meanwhile, homeland Yudi says consumers can also add other features or completeness of the Porsche Cayenne. With it he could not provide the vehicle price when it arrived in Indonesia.

"Prices can not provide. It's very customized. So we will adjust the consumer wants the price," he said.


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