SPESIFIKASI Toyota FT-EV II | Masuk Jakarta

SPESIFIKASI Toyota FT-EV II | Masuk Jakarta

Event Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010 live in front of the eye. King car Indonesia, PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) were ready to welcome him.

To show which will be held on July 23 to August 1 this upcoming Toyota attends' greening 'the biggest automotive exhibition in Indonesia with the theme of' We the Innovative Eco_life for You. "

Now in order to realize these concepts in IIMS 2010 Toyota booth is designed to indicate to visitors that in order to create a better life necessary to maintain unity and sustainability in the environment.

EV (Electric Vehicle) is the most viable vehicle for the future because there are no emissions. The issue is due to the limited mileage save battery power. Not to mention the heavy weight of battery power savings and risk reduction.

FT-EV II has a different character of the car of the future. Although small, this car is capable of carrying four passengers with the use of a minimalist interior. Cars with a length of about two and a half steps people nowadays use electrical energy in the system charged.

Looks good minimalist exterior and interior. On the outside rearview mirror replaced the use of the camera. Headlamp and rear lamp using LEDs.

Vehicle is a concept car is equipped with new battery technology. Design is a new electric city car concept future that has been enhanced from the previous concept FT-EV.

With dimensions smaller than the Toyota iQ which also had on display TAM sinceIIMS 2009, FT-EV II could be filled three adults plus one child. If not used, then the child seat can be folded so the goods.

The electric motor is provided with the TMC is able to take a maximum speed of 100 km / h with the ability to roam up to 90 km.

Power is channeled through a new battery with the ability to save energy 10 times larger than the Li-ion batteries in general. Weight and dimensions were smaller

The use of door sliding door is intended to save parking space. While with Drive by wire technology, this car is driven - gas, brake, and steering - use joy stick. Toyota calls when battery is fully charged, the FT-EV II capable of driving over 90 km with a maximum speed of 100 km / hour.

It is represented by forms that divides the Toyota booth booth area in accordance with the life-cycle plants are marked with flyed Dandelion seeds of interest.

"Many will be witnessed at the Toyota booth," said Johnny Darmawan, President Director of TAM, Monday (07/12/2010).

Meanwhile, for vehicles that will be exhibited Toyota plans to present a special exhibit specially imported for the 2010 IIMS II FT-EV, which is a high-tech environmentally friendly cars.

Also Toyota will also display comprising 19 units of Toyota's product lineup, such as Alphard, Camry, Fortuner, Vios, Avanza and other. Do not forget the Prius hybrid car will also be present at any annual event.


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