SPESIFIKASI Toyota Hilux Double

SPESIFIKASI Toyota Hilux Double

Toyota Hilux is the most popular pickup in the world. Said Mark Motors Thailand, the largest exporter of pickup in the country.

Thailand is the center of the pickup current world production. It was there that like the Toyota Hilux pickup, Isuzu D-Max, Mitsubishi Strada Triton, Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Colorado and created and then exported to various countries.

Hilux Double Cab latest version, apart from the more luxurious and made more handsome and stylish appearance, ability to add even employed a sophisticated, powerful, resilient, and reliable. Cause, the newest machines, including marketed in Indonesia is D4D-, 3.0-liter common rail diesel, turbo intercooler, the largest in its class.

Design grille and headlamps together Hilux DC and SC. The difference is in the front, namely the hood. For DC, equipped with a hood scoop or a funnel of water and make it look more macho.

Another difference is the tire size, type and model of rim. Although both use the tire 15, the sole DC wider, namely 255, while the SC 205. For wheels, SC using the plates, while the DC of the alloy.

Another extra is Footstep aluminum mounted on the right and left.
Supplies included in the Hilux interior is AC, 2DIN audio CD player with 4 speakers, while the instrument using analog models within the three circles.

Technology mainstay of this machine is a common rail and the turbo intercooler and named D4D (Direct 4-stroke Turbo Diesel Common Rail) by Toyota.

Compared with competitors who had already been sold in Indonesia, the power generated this Hilux is greatest, that is 163 PS, while torque of 35 kgm. Remarkably, the torque is obtained at relatively low round and 'flat' (flat), that is 1400-3400 rpm.

With these characteristics, the machine is suitable for off-road and terrain that many grade. Machines also tend to be efficient because, to get traction, do not have to pedal a deep (high speed).

Another feature Toyota's proud of this machine is the intercooler. This tool is used to cool air sucked by the turbine before it is supplied into the engine. In this way, the machine work more efficiently because the temperature can be kept relatively low.

For the turbo, use variable nozzle technology. With this, the ability to work the turbo, ranging from low and high rotation as effective. The phenomenon of turbo lag or slow at low speed can be prevented.

Conversely, when the engine works at higher rotation, excessive turbo spin can also be prevented. In this way, durability turbo better.

The move from 4x2 to 4x4 can be done while the road, but it must be under the speed of 80 km / hour. Conversely, transfer of H4 to H2 can be done at any speed. The transfer of H4 to L4, the vehicle must be dismissed before or below the speed of 8 km / hr.

This machine has proven durability in various fields. Already been used to carry a crew of Top Gear magazine, BBC, England to the North Pole in 2007. Hilux also become an icon UN troops. Therefore, do not be surprised if the Hilux is also very reliable by the guerrillas in the jungle. Hilux is the "icon" toughness on the field of vehicle weight!

Finally, the Hilux Double Cab is also used by scientists to see and examine directly the most spectacular places in Iceland, just created a frenzy Europe several months ago, that is, volcanic Eyjafallajökull.

Because of that, the Double Cab Hilux was dubbed the "Invincible Cabs", a strong pickup. Capable of facing a variety of extreme weather conditions. The following comparison of power output Hilux Double Cab compared to other brands.


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