Start it markets Hilux double cabin (D-Cab) having a 4x4 in Indonesia since the Indonesian International Motor Show (IIMS) in 2009, more and expand the market to Toyota's commercial vehicle segment. In addition, the sale proved to be fueled.

Throughout the first half of 2010, Toyota has collected 4506 sales figures units (single and D-Cab), up 15.3 percent from the same period last year 2093 units. Moderate D-Cab 4x4 Hilux successfully negoitable 1694 units up from the previous position of only 263 units.

Jody Jodjana, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Auto2000 said Hilux market is currently growing in the mining and plantation areas. "From the marketing, sales last year of D-Cab Hilux only 50 units per month, now I can reach 200-250 units per month," explained Jody to Kompas.com, last weekend.

Some of the area that became the center of sales, among others, East Java, Sumatra, and Borneo. some mining company, estate, and construction became the strongest current customers.

With large-capacity machines and new technologies, currently Hilux can generate power to 163 PS and torque of 343 Nm. Certainly a big jump compared to only 2.5 Hilux has power 102 PS and 260 Nm of torque automatic (4-speed) and 4WD

Large torque can already be achieved only under conditions of low engine speed, in the range of 1.400 to 3.200 rpm. Msein that powered the then mated with 4-speed automatic transmission.

Almost no difference in the specifications of the Hilux 3.0 G is compared to other variants except in the engine. Yet when looking cabin Hilux 3.0 G, it will find a headunit that has been equipped with USB ports and the auto door locking.

From the exterior, there is a water scoop on the hood of this car suggests need more supply air to flow into the turbo.

Spion this time using a layer of chrome for a more luxurious look, but unfortunately the mirror is still using manual systems. There was also a lamp that has a lens sein nodes, so that the rays more clearly.

In the interior, the Hilux 3.0G add some more exclusive devices, such as panel meters Optitron and multi-information display. MID sophisticated can read temperature, compass direction of travel and all the info.

Another obvious upgrade is a 2-DIN audio system, which has a USB jack and AUX, but it also is function-compatible MP3 and six speakers.

For security, Hilux 3.0 is now equipped with airbags for driver and front passenger, in addition to seat belts. Toyota Hilux release this with the price of Rp306 million

Meanwhile, the Hilux single cab 4x2 segment, the condition of the first half sales climbed 53.6 percent to 2812 units from 1830 units previously.

"If the consumer characteristics of the single cabin, many entrepreneurs, such as building materials seller, until the introduction of goods," lid Jody.


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