VW Golf TSI waited been pinned with the label preformance engine Engine of the Year award in 2009, as a reliable engine in its performance and efficiency.

Though indeed, their performance can not be compared with the VW Golf GTI, but the PT Garuda Mataram Motor said the Golf TSI has an advantage in terms of fuel consumption and low emissions.

Appearance of the new Golf is more fresh. The main changes made in the form of headlights, bumpers (front and back), and grille. Appear manly and sporty cars because 16-inch rims fitted with a new design as well.

To refine this car, VW uses 1.400cc engine with TSI technology. Machine works very efficiently. Section, equipped with a combination of supercharger and turbocharger. Therefore, this machine is capable of producing 160 PS maximum power and maximum torque of 240 Nm.

To move the engine power to the wheels, VW 7-speed transmission installed dual clutch gearbox or also known as DCG.

For security and safety, VW still install 7-airbag on CKD cars are, among others around the driver, including the latest, to the knee. Also there are features of the electronic stability program (ESP) to keep the car remain stable or prevent having oversteering and understeering.

Moreover, this time the gearbox was already applying the dual clutch gearbox (DSG) 7 speed, with the advantage gearshift become more refined, faster, until he could save on fuel consumption.

While its features, even lag with TSI Golf GTI version with ESP to overcome oversteering and understeering symptoms at the time of driving. Also of course, seven airbags, including driver's knee airbag, which is first class.

"If the GTI might be just to use the weekend and hobbies, the Golf TSI suitable for everyday wear and even the driver was no problem," said CEO of PT Garuda Mataram Motor, Andrew Nasuri, the launch of the dealership VW Golf TSI Pondok Indah, Jakarta , on Wednesday (14/07/2010)

PT Garuda Mataram Motor off VW Golf GTI worth USD 339 million on the road in Jakarta, and is available only in one variant. The price is certainly cheaper than the Golf GTI MKVI is released for $ 500 million.

Technical Specifications

5 door hatchback
TSI four cylinder inline with Twincharger
1390 cc engine capacity
Power maximum
Dk 160 at 5800 rpm
Maximum torque
240 nm at 2000 rpm
7-speed direct-shift gearbox (DSG)
Brake System
Diagonal dual circuit brake system
Maximum speed of
220 km per hour
Fuel Consumption
16.6 km per liter
USD 339 million On The Road Jakarta

Armed with four-cylinder inline engine with a capacity of 1390 cc of pure, also equipped with a Turbocharger and supercharger, with maximum power and torque of 160 dk 240 nm.

Configuration is mated with a seven-speed direct-shift gearbox (DSG) with twin clutch operated by hydraulic and tiptronik.

Thus, you will still feel the sensation of sporty driving performance with the Golf TSI due to stay awake, and the displacement of each tooth is softer and faster.

The results for one liter of gasoline, can be used to travel the 16.6 km distance. Although spelled efficient in its class, but the rate of 220 km per hour can be achieved by the Golf TSI.

"Although not a GTI version, but do not doubt the performance of this TSI Golf, you can still race with the comfortable, but still fuel efficient," says CEO of PT Garuda Mataram Motor, Andrew Nasuri, on the sidelines of the launch of the VW Golf TSI, at VW dealerships Pondok Indah


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