MODIFIKASI Kia Visto | Dukung Timnas Belanda

MODIFIKASI Kia Visto | Dukung Timnas Belanda

Artha Utama Nindya from Jakarta so lucky. Kia Visto modified by the color orange as a form of support for the Netherlands in the World Cup is not in vain. eleven and early in the final day versus Spain to win the world title in 2010.

modification Like what he did to the South Korean city car that Color red car that had been converted into three-quarters of an orange body - starting from the bottom of the door down - combined with white. In order to exactly match the color of the shirt worn Wesley Sneijder et al, Mariono from Auto Source to do it through several stages.

So, after the original paint scraped paint primer and then given puttyed and in-epoxy. Furthermore, given that silver base paint according to color orange Mariono appear. Done that, and overlaid with gold paint. The goal, in the past that gives color stripping and then closed (masking effect), just after it was painted orange color is added with xerallic to emit light when stung by the sun.

Modifications flow speed performance-oriented, no doubt his tiny car engine modif to get bursts of more power than standard. "Several years ago, this car often fall in the arena of drag race, now only for the daily," said Dede. Tuner numbers living in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, this does have a hobby, particularly in engine modifications, no doubt his home into a private workshop for tuning the vehicle becomes more hang out dose.

Minor Change
In the sector of foreign body, Dede purposely did not make this car full of polish. Body covered with fairly standard good quality paint. "The important body remains smooth," he continued.

Which looks rather flashy is part of the legs with Neve R13 sodoran rim with tire dressing to Sime Tyres 150/75 front and 170/50 Champiro. This step is taken so that the wheel can take the road with gusto, and handling becomes easier.
Still in the exterior sector, Dede upgrades become smoke head lamp with HID support coollight, road and weather rainy night not to drive the tiny hitch.

To spur the kitchen, it is that makes this car very different from a similar car. add doping to foster greater engine performance drived. Some parts got a touch of the hands of nimble Dede. "Engine is made non-standard, though more tightly," he said.

Ported polish head section about 0.6 mm to give a surprise performance of spontaneous and more crashing. Also re balanced crankshaft and commuted with the ideal composition for the machine to be able to jack loose. Not only that, the more serious modif engine also ended customed some parts, such as valves and clutch plates pull apart more easily also the more cihuy lauched on straight track.

Apex'i products commonly used by tuners come pinned ranging from water filters and piggyback. Is now Dede satisfied? "It's still something to be added, but later next year," he said. Engine has many aliases modif anti-"virgin", Dede still want to add a touch for traction became more wild.

* Headlamp upgrade crystal n smoke
* HID coollight
* Rims: Neve R13
* Tyres Sime Tyres 150/75 (front)
champiro 170/60 (rear)
* V-kool film window

* PnP
* Papas head 0.6 mm
* Balance crankshaft
* Custom per valve
* Custom plate clutch
* Coils: Jacob ultra coil
* Air filter: Apex'i
* Piggyback: Apex'i SAFC1
* Pivot stabilizer
* Header 4-1

* Jok synthetic leader
* Stir: MOMO
* Shift knob: Razo
* Pedal sets: Sparco

* Head unit: Pioneer 3550
* Speaker: Pinceer (2 way speakers)
* Amplifier: Johnny Monitor (5 Channel)
* Subwoofer: Fabolous 12 "

Artha not limited form of support to the body color. Try the lyrics into the cabin, the interior color is also orange and white using MB-Tech Camaro materials. Then, the stitching pattern resemble football.

Level of difficulty when sewing pattern hexagon ball model. "Create a hexagon mold first, then use machine stitched then," explained Mariono.

Display the front wheel camber angle oblique extreme, so the attention. mariono according to 18-inch alloy wheels can enter. IBHS be over-fenders, in addition to custom swing arm and sokbreker. Plate can be tilted plus 4-5 cm at the camber holder that serves as the cradle tomorrow. bottom welded to die tomorrow


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