MODIFIKASI Toyota Yaris 2008 | Jamz Speed Street Racer

MODIFIKASI Toyota Yaris 2008 | Jamz Speed Street Racer

Nuances of the concept of street racing MODIF now is not only dominated on the sedan only. Increasing number of cars entering the mini MPV in the ground water, streams surefire MODIF street racing is 'forced' application.

This fact was proven again at Toyota's Yaris is Andhika Deca Satya. Jakarta-born boys who are now educated in the city of Jogjakarta is a play street racing car look derivative year 2008 with the workmanship is backed by Jamz Speed Jogja. | Photo / text: DNR

The execution begins with the exterior sector sporty character typical of street racing will find a custom body kit option C-One Style similar Speed Jamz. waterdump wide on the front bumper once again indicates if this car sporty wanted addressed.

With a choice of DR Revolution alloy wheels with a diameter of 18 "is very fitting in workmanship street racing look. At the bottom of the hood is also aligned with the character of this with the presence of street racing strut bar and a water filter Hurricanes. One step that can not be left in a street racing workmanship look side exterior is cutting sticker-style street racing.

Interior small leather wrapped semi-Tech V plots the results. Although the steering wheel is still original manufacturer, but the presence of a custom roll bars in the cabin is adequate to represent the purpose of street racing look. Moreover suplement shifknob TRD accessories and Auto Gauge tachometer complement the aura of racing in this sector.

For audio system installers do not need to work on so grand. Because, basically, street car racing was not too heed In Car Entertainment. But the master in this sector are also polished with AVT and some devices headunit power amplifiers and speakers to the subwoofer which is dominated by Venom device.

BODY KIT: C-One Style Custom by Jamz Speed, racing wheel: DR Evolution 18 ", TIRE: 225/35/18 Achilles, INTERIOR: V-Tech, seats: Replication Bride, SHIFKNOB: TRD, tachometer: Autogauge, HEADUNIT: AVT , POWER: Venom, subwoofer / SPEAKER SET: Venom, STRUT BAR: Hurricane, WATER FILTER: Hurricane


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